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What's so hot about Vampires, Werewolves, Pirates, Surgeons and Billionaires?

Why are women super turned on by Vampires, Werewolves, Pirates, Surgeons and Billionaires?

When browsing the internet it is very easy to see what types of situations heterosexual men find arousing. What’s coming to mind is threesomes, making women lose control, big tits, tight pussies, making women squirt etc.. However, it is a lot less clear when thinking about what heterosexual women find arousing.

Researchers Ogas & Goddam investigated over a billion pornographic searches in order to evaluate if men and women are aroused by the same type of stimuli. It was found that there was extreme gender difference, not only in terms of the types of material searched, but also in terms of the type of medium utilized. Although men searched mostly for videos and images, the vast majority of women searched for written and literary representations of pornography. This makes sense, because men are more visually aroused than women and are therefore it makes sense that they are more likely to get off on videos.

Even more interesting is the types of erotic books that women read. The google data showed that there was a consistent narrative sequence in the novels that women read. The premise was that an innocent attractive woman encounters a sexy monster of sorts. The most common types of monsters include Vampire, Werewolf, Pirate, Surgeon and Billionaires. The heroes, regardless of which category they fall in, are strong dominant men, that take no shit from no one. They are powerful and smart, and feared by many. That is until they meet the heroine. The heroine has the unique ability to seduce and tame the monster.

Each type of monster has the power to harm. The vampire could suck your blood, the surgeon could take out your organs, the pirate could hurt you and rob you blind. Perhaps, when the sexy monster first meets the heroine they have this desire, but there is something so alluring and powerful about her that they fall in love, and after having lots of intense sex, the woman civilizes the monster. This plot appears over and over again from Beauty and the Beast, to Twilight, to 50s Shades of Grey. There is something alluring to women about someone having the power to seriously fuck our shit up, but to deciding not to. A surgeon has the power to take out our heart, but we will give it to him willingly.


Why would it be that us ladies are attracted to monsters? David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, did a cross cultural survey of 37 cultures and found that heterosexual women’s number one preference in a mate was “kindness and understanding.” Why don’t women want to read stories about nice reliable men who are always on time for dinner and are nice to everybody? That doesn’t sound very steamy does it?

I don’t think that the results of Buss’s study necessarily contradict the type of romantic novels that women are reading. Although the monsters are alpha males, who have power, and have the ability to harm, they are nonetheless incredibly kind to the heroine of the story. “What women want are dangerous men that are civilized and they want to help civilize them,” explains David Petterson. In a way women are getting off on power as well, because they desire to have power over the monster that has power over everybody else. Their fantasy involves breaking through his shell, so that she can see the kindness and sweetness in the monster that nobody else can see.


So why do women get off on powerful men?

One explanation goes back to Darwins evolutionary theory. Historically, women have more to invest in each sexual interaction than men do. This is because for heterosexual women, pre birth control, each sexual interaction has the potential to lead to 40 weeks of … and then at least 1 0 years of care before the ch ild begins to become self sufficient. However, for men to pass on their genetic code it involves as little as 50 seconds of pleasure. Ain’t fair is it? According to evolutionary theory, passing on our seed is the goal. Therefore, it makes sense for women to be very particular regarding who they have sex with because of the huge investment in each sexual interaction, and it makes sense for men to be less particular as their investment is lower.

Why am I telling you all this? Because vampires, surgeons, billionaires, werewolves, and pirates all have attributes that make them have desirable sperm, and as a result makes them a viable mate option. Power, control and dominance, if passed onto offspring, are all features that protect them and increase their chances of staying alive, and in turn, increase their chances of living long enough to procreate and pass on their genetic code to their offspring. Perhaps this is why, as Henry Kissinger said, " Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac".


Women: Between Vampire, Werewolf, Pirate, Surgeon and Billionaires, which do you find more sexy any why?

written by resident archetype expert Niki Davis

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