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ThePornDude – A Fantastic Porn List with the Best Porn Sites!

One of the supreme ironies of the 21st century is a matter of masturbation. There’s far more high-quality pornography than has ever existed in the entire history of mankind, and most of it is available instantly at the click of a button or a tap of the finger. Despite this absolute wealth of dirty photos, filthy movies, erotic stories and more interactive forms of smut, it can be surprisingly difficult to find what you’re trying to jack off to.

Anyone who’s ever typed their fetish or sex fantasy into Google knows all too well how woefully inadequate the search giant can be. You can spend hours or even days combing through the spam-infested search results and still come away with empty hands and blue balls. Thankfully, there’s a better way to find your ideal fap fodder than the search engines you use to find recipes, tech tutorials and kitten memes. is the most popular porno review site and directory in the world, and with good reason!


Has This Ever Happened to You?

Picture this: you’ve been fantasizing all morning about your sister in law, your hot coworker and the barista who whipped up your $7 coffee this morning. You’ve been into butt stuff lately, and no matter how hard you try to distract yourself, you can’t stop imagining what it’d be like to drill one of those beautiful women up the pooper. You’re hard as a rock, but you’re on the clock.

When the opportunity finally arrives to slip away for a few minutes of alone time with Rosey Palm and her five sisters, you pull out your phone and type “best anal porn” into your mobile browser. The search results hit you with 1.6 billion different lin ks, all claiming to offer the greatest content in the ass-banging genre. You tighten your search by adding more search terms, a “Latina” here, maybe even a “BDSM” if you’re feeling extra kinky.

The list shrinks, but not by much. Your precious break time is slipping away, so you tap a random tube li nk near the top of the page. You end up cranking it to an amateur butt-sex scene, and only realize halfway through that you’ve seen this one before, and it ain’t that good—certainly not the “best”. You have a weak orgasm as your boss bangs on the bathroom door, telling you to get back to work. Sticky handed and disappointed, you make your way back to your desk, knowing you should have come to your old pal The Porn Dude first.


Don’t Let a Computer Pick Your Porno was launched nearly a decade ago, when its namesake dude was in that very situation. Every adult website on the internet claims to be the greatest in its chosen category, which is a practical impossibility given the thousands of new sites that launch every year. The massive, throbbing computer brain housed at Google headquarters certainly doesn’t know the difference between a good bit of hentai and some chicken-scratch sex manga, nor what differentiates a high-quality premium porn site from an expensive rip-off starring uggos who can barely fuck.

No AI algorithm can separate the good from the bad in the world of pornography. This is a task that requires human intervention—a true Porn Dude’s touch, if you will. You wouldn’t trust a Wikipedia entry written by a machine, so why would you let one pick out what you’re going to shake your dick at?

ThePornDude himself began his humble journey by ranking and reviewing the websites he personally fap-tested around the internet. Over the years, he has meticulously cataloged thousands of adult sites, doing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. His palms have grown hairy and his vision is failing from the constant self-amusement, just like your grandmother warned, all to help guide horny people like you to their ideal masturbatory content.


Save Time and Avoid Masturbatory Frustration

Since its inception, has been widely imitated but never replicated. One look and you’ll understand why. It’s built on the principle that good porno should be easy to find, without wasting too much boner time sifting through bullshit and filler. Visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, while connoisseurs of fine pornography can read further into the insights of a bona fide porn scholar.

The thousands of websites cataloged on ThePornDude are broken down into dozens of categories, from Free Porn Tube Sites to Live Sex Cam Sites, TikTok Porn Sites to Top Premium Porn Sites, Cartoon Porn Sites to Premium Amateur Porn Sites. Within each category, sites are assigned a ranking based on factors like content volume, spam, price, and of course, quality. Visitors in a hurry can simply start at the top of any list in their favorite categories.

For the curious minded, each site is also given a full write up that goes into deep detail about what’s good and what’s bad, what’ll make your dick hard and what’ll just waste your time and your personal lubricant. Learn what makes a paysite like Brazzers stand out among the competition, what makes for a fapworthy free sex game, which hookup sites will actually get you laid and how to maximize your odds.

All of this is wrapped up by The Porn Dude himself, delivered with the personality and trademark sense of humor that helped put him on the map. The world-famous porn mascot has grown popular enough to launch a successful premium site, PornDudeCasting , where he personally bangs some of the hottest pornstars, rising starlets and amateurs in the world. With a friend like him to point you toward the best porn on the internet, why would you ever ask anyone else?


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