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Why don’t sexual enhancement drugs work for women?

The business of selling male sexual enhancement drugs is a flourishing multi billion dollar industry. To put it very simply, an enhancement drug relaxes the muscles in the penis which increases blood flow helping a man have a stronger erection, last longer during sex and to be more psychologically interested in sex. So it is not only a physical response (being hard) but also a connected psychological one (wanting sex). If this is because seeing their throbbing member turns them on or due to a chemical response to the drug, what important to know is that for men physical arousal leads to a psychological response.


Since women are actually more likely to have lower sexual desire than men, why is it that there is no equivalent pill that has been created for women? Why is it that several pharmaceutical companies recently spent hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to design a female sexual enhancement pill and have come up with nothing significant?

When the researchers began studying how to make a parallel pill for women, the strategy was to create a pill that increased blood flow to the woman’s genitals, assuming that if a woman became physically stimulated (her vulva got wet and enlarged) then the psychological would happen naturally as a response. Interestingly, this was not what they found. Researchers figured out how to help women experience physical arousal, but this did not lead to the psychological experience of desire or wanting sex as it did with men.


It seems that broadly speaking for people with vulva’s, arousal and desire were two disconnected phenomena. Whereas for people with penises, broadly speaking, if their body is aroused, their mind seems to have no problem getting there. For women, instead of simply having the sexual cues, they need to create a context that is arousing for their mind to be in the mood also.

Interestingly, other research has supported this, showing that for women there is often a discordance between bodily response and psychological feeling of arousal. A number of studies have found that after showing a number of erotic images to women, there is not a clear correlation between increase in heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, vaginal vasocongestion (getting wet) and self-reported arousal for women. I think that this finding can be very telling regarding how female sexuality differs from male sexuality and relates to sexual interactions beyond sexual enhancement drugs.

This is in line with gender differences in porn and erotica. Both straight and gay male porn focuses on sexual acts and body parts, and less on psychological stories, foreplay or romance. Men are able to see the sexual stimulation, get aroused, and get off. It is hypothesized that of the 40 million folks who watch porn, 72% are male while only 28% are female. The inverse is true of erotica, where around 53 % of women read erotica regularly, whereas only 36% percent of men said that they have read arousing stories.


This gender difference is also in line with the type of porn that folks search for. When looking at the most popular porn searches on pornhub in 2018 women were more likely to search for romantic, massage, solo male and pussy licking whereas men were more likely to search for a specific body part or body type, such as milf, big dick, big tits. This indicates that women are more likely to search for something with more of a story, whereas men are more focused on specific body parts.

A 2007 study exploring eye tracking in pornographic images found that both genders spent most of the time looking at genitals, faces and bodies, however women were more likely to also look at the background of the photo and the clothing than the men. Another sign that for women the genitals themselves don’t do it.Have you ever stopped to consider why women are so offended by unsolicited dick pics, but men aren't? It seems that there is a gender difference in the arousal system.


Women are more likely to get turned on by a story. How does this sexy person make her feel? What effect is her intense sexuality having on this potential partner? How intense can the tension become as they both want each other but don’t yet act on it? There is no pill you can take to enhance sexual tension and desire

This isn’t to say that women can’t enjoy an unsolicited dick pic, we just might need a little more build up to increase excitement. How do we use this information to have better sex with women? Create a scenario to get them psychologically aroused. Have enough foreplay and pre-game that she has time to let the tension build both in her head and in her pussy. Then, by the time it’s play time, you can both be equally ready and excited!

  • BobbyG4631: Since the pill … works so well to help men to get hard, it's a shame that a pill called NIAGARA has not been made to help women get wet
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