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How to Date an OnlyFans Girl: Tips and Tricks

Dating an OnlyFans girl can be a unique and rewarding experience, but it requires a certain level of understanding and respect for the culture and boundaries of content creators. OnlyFans is a platform where creators can share exclusive content with their subscribers for a fee. While it has gained popularity in recent years, it is still a relatively new concept that requires some education and awareness to navigate successfully.


It is important to remember that OnlyFans creators are people with their own boundaries and preferences. It is essential to respect their choices and not pressure them into doing anything that makes them uncomfortable. Communication is key in any relationship, and it is especially important when dating an OnlyFans girl. Building a genuine connection based on mutual respect and understanding can lead to a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

Key Takeaways

-Respect the boundaries and choices of OnlyFans creators.

-Communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

-Focus on building a genuine connection based on mutual respect and understanding.

Understanding OnlyFans and Its Culture


OnlyFans is a platform where creators can share exclusive content with their subscribers. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many individuals using it as a source of income. However, dating someone who has an OnlyFans account can be challenging, as it is a unique culture that not everyone understands. It’s best to use an Onlyfans Finder Tool when searching for content creators.

One of the most important things to understand about OnlyFans is that it is not just about sharing explicit content. While some creators do share adult content, others share content related to fitness, cooking, and other hobbies. It is essential to respect the creator's boundaries and understand what they are comfortable sharing.

Another important aspect of OnlyFans culture is the relationship between creators and their subscribers. Many creators have close relationships with their subscribers and consider them to be part of their community. As a partner, it is essential to respect this relationship and not feel threatened by it.

Communication is also crucial when dating someone with an OnlyFans account. It is essential to have open and honest conversations about boundaries, expectations, and concerns. This will help to build trust and ensure that both partners are comfortable with the relationship.

In summary, dating someone with an OnlyFans account can be challenging, but it is possible with open communication and respect for the creator's boundaries. Understanding the culture of OnlyFans is crucial in building a healthy and successful relationship.

Respecting Content Creators' Boundaries


When dating an OnlyFans creator, it is important to respect their boundaries. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Privacy and Anonymity

Many OnlyFans creators value their privacy and anonymity. They may not want their real name or personal information to be shared publicly. It is important to respect their wishes and not share any personal information without their consent.

Additionally, creators may have specific boundaries around what they are willing to share on their OnlyFans account. Some may only feel comfortable sharing certain types of content, while others may be more open. It is important to communicate openly and honestly with the creator about what content they are comfortable sharing and what they are not.

Professional and Personal Life Separation

It is also important to respect the separation between a creator's professional and personal life. Just because someone has an OnlyFans account does not mean that their entire life revolves around it. They may have other interests, hobbies, and relationships outside of their work as a creator.

When dating an OnlyFans creator, it is important to recognize and respect this separation. Don't assume that they want to talk about their work all the time, or that they are always available to create content. It is important to communicate openly and honestly about each other's needs and boundaries, and find a balance that works for both parties.

Overall, respecting a creator's boundaries is key to building a healthy and sustainable relationship. By communicating openly and honestly, and recognizing the importance of privacy and personal boundaries, you can build a strong foundation of trust and respect with your partner.

Communication Strategies


Initiating Contact

When dating an OnlyFans girl, it is important to initiate contact in a respectful and appropriate manner. It is recommended to reach out to her through a direct message on her OnlyFans account or social media platform. The message should convey your interest in getting to know her better and should be polite and respectful. Avoid using overly aggressive or sexual language, as this can be off-putting and may make her uncomfortable.

Maintaining Engagement

Once you have established contact with an OnlyFans girl, it is important to maintain engagement by regularly communicating with her. This can be done through regular messaging, video chats, or phone calls. It is important to be respectful of her time and schedule, as many OnlyFans creators have busy lives and schedules.

Setting Expectations

When dating an OnlyFans girl, it is important to set clear expectations from the beginning of the relationship. This includes discussing boundaries, communication preferences, and expectations for the relationship. It is important to be honest and upfront about your intentions and desires, as this can help to avoid misunderstandings and potential conflicts later on.

Overall, communication is key when dating an OnlyFans girl. By initiating contact in a respectful manner, maintaining engagement, and setting clear expectations from the beginning, you can build a strong and healthy relationship with an OnlyFans creator.

Building a Genuine Connection


When dating an OnlyFans girl, building a genuine connection is crucial to establishing a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Here are a few tips to help build a strong connection with your partner.

Finding Common Interests

One way to build a genuine connection with an OnlyFans girl is to find common interests. This can be anything from a shared love of music or movies to a passion for cooking or hiking. By finding common ground, you can create a bond that goes beyond physical attraction. Take the time to explore each other's interests and try new things together. This will not only deepen your connection but also create lasting memories.

Supporting Her Work

Another way to build a genuine connection with an OnlyFans girl is to support her work. This means being understanding of her career choice and showing interest in her content. You can show your support by subscribing to her OnlyFans account, sharing her content on social media, and attending events or meet-and-greets with her fans. By supporting her work, you are showing that you respect her as a person and are invested in her success.

Sharing Personal Experiences

Sharing personal experiences is another way to build a genuine connection with an OnlyFans girl. This means being open and honest about your own life experiences and listening to hers. By sharing your vulnerabilities and past experiences, you can create a deeper level of trust and understanding. This will help strengthen your connection and build a foundation of mutual respect and support.

Overall, building a genuine connection with an OnlyFans girl requires effort, patience, and understanding. By finding common interests, supporting her work, and sharing personal experiences, you can create a bond that goes beyond physical attraction and leads to a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Planning and Going on Dates


Dating an OnlyFans girl can be a unique experience, and planning and going on dates with her requires some careful consideration. Here are some tips to make your dates with an OnlyFans girl enjoyable and successful.

Choosing the Right Venue

Choosing the right venue is crucial when dating an OnlyFans girl. You want to pick a place that is comfortable for her and that she enjoys. It's important to keep in mind that you might be recognized, so you should choose a venue that is private enough to avoid any unwanted attention. You can consider options like a private dinner at home, a secluded beach, or a VIP section at a club.

Being Mindful of Her Schedule

When dating an OnlyFans girl, you need to be mindful of her schedule. She might have a lot of work commitments, and her schedule might be unpredictable. It's important to communicate with her and plan your dates well in advance. You should also be flexible and understanding if she needs to reschedule or cancel a date due to work.

Public and Private Encounters

It's important to establish boundaries when dating an OnlyFans girl, especially when it comes to public and private encounters. You should discuss with her what she is comfortable with and what she is not comfortable with. You should also respect her boundaries and avoid putting her in uncomfortable situations. You should also be mindful of your behavior in public and avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourselves.

Overall, dating an OnlyFans girl can be a unique and rewarding experience. By choosing the right venue, being mindful of her schedule, and establishing boundaries, you can have successful and enjoyable dates with an OnlyFans girl.

Navigating Financial Dynamics


When dating an OnlyFans girl, it's important to understand and navigate the financial dynamics of the relationship. This section will cover two key aspects of the financial dynamics: understanding her revenue streams and gifts/financial support.

Understanding Her Revenue Streams

OnlyFans creators make money by charging subscribers for access to their content. It's important to understand that creators have different pricing structures and revenue streams. Some creators may offer different tiers of subscription, while others may charge a flat fee for access to all their content.

To avoid any misunderstandings, it's important to have an open and honest conversation about her revenue streams. This will help you understand how much money she is making and how she plans to use it. It's also important to respect her financial independence and not make assumptions about how she should spend her money.

Gifts and Financial Support

As with any relationship, gifts and financial support can play a role in the dynamic between partners. When it comes to dating an OnlyFans girl, it's important to be mindful of the power dynamics at play. While it's okay to offer gifts and financial support, it's important to do so in a way that is respectful and not transactional.

Gifts and financial support should be given freely and without expectation of anything in return. It's important to communicate openly about what each partner is comfortable with and to avoid any misunderstandings. Additionally, it's important to respect her financial independence and not make assumptions about how she should spend her money.

In summary, navigating the financial dynamics of dating an OnlyFans girl requires open communication, respect for her financial independence, and mindfulness of power dynamics. By understanding her revenue streams and approaching gifts and financial support in a respectful and non-transactional way, partners can build a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Long-Term Considerations


When dating an OnlyFans girl, it is important to consider the long-term implications of the relationship. This includes discussing exclusivity and the role of OnlyFans in your relationship.

Discussing Exclusivity

One of the most important considerations when dating an OnlyFans girl is exclusivity. It is important to have an open and honest conversation about what each person expects from the relationship. If both parties are looking for a long-term, exclusive relationship, it is important to establish boundaries and expectations early on. This may include agreeing to be monogamous and not engage in sexual activities with other people.

The Role of OnlyFans in Your Relationship

Another important consideration is the role of OnlyFans in your relationship. If your partner is actively engaging in OnlyFans, it is important to understand how it fits into your relationship. This may include discussing how much time and energy your partner will devote to OnlyFans, how much money they will earn, and how it will impact your relationship.

It is important to remember that OnlyFans is a job for many people, and it may be a significant source of income for your partner. It is important to be supportive of their career and understand that it is a legitimate way to earn a living. However, it is also important to establish boundaries and ensure that OnlyFans does not negatively impact your relationship.

Overall, when dating an OnlyFans girl, it is important to have open and honest communication about exclusivity and the role of OnlyFans in your relationship. By establishing clear boundaries and expectations, you can build a strong and healthy relationship that is built on trust and mutual respect

  • lovetolickpussy718: no one is going to take these advises on dating a an only fan girl because we know that they are there to provide a service
  • GomuNingen: The first and only rule of dating an OnlyFans girl: don't date an OnlyFans Girl!
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If you're searching for adult streaming, is likely on your radar. This popular site has become a top choice for millions seeking real-time fun and pleasure with members and performers. As a result, the site has established itself as a leader in the live sex space by offering innovative features and functionality that set it apart from competitors. This comprehensive review aims to provide valuable insights into everything you need to know about Stripchat.

We'll cover all aspects of the site, including how it works, its content, its pricing model, and more. We aim to help you make informed decisions on how to spend your time and get maximum enjoyment according to your preferences. So keep reading to discover why Stripchat stands out among similar sites.

Stats & Facts

Stripchat is a global social network dedicated to adults looking for live streaming and interaction with each other from the comfort of their homes. Users often share nude photos and engage in sexual activities via mobile devices, virtual reality, and traditional broadcasts. According to Wikipedia data since its launch in 2016, Stripchat has amassed over 400 million global visitors every month. Stripchat confidently ranks 471st among the most popular sites globally and holds the 332nd position in the United States. Additionally, the site ranks in the world's top 50 most-visited sites. It appears in the top ten results in the adult category according to the Similarweb Analytics Platform ( NYSE:SMWB ).

Technius Ltd., the Cyprus-based company behind Stripchat, claims to have already acquired over 100,000 models and pays out $90M+ annually to its affiliates. While we cannot independently verify these figures, what is clear is that Stripchat boasts an impressive average online performer count of 5,000 - 8,000 at any given moment.

The site is also noteworthy for being translated into 19 languages. It has an average session duration of 14.5 minutes from organic search traffic. These statistics demonstrate how Stripchat is engaging and famous across the globe.

Stripchat has established its name and garnered attention from well-known media outlets such as Forbes, BBC, MSN, Los Angeles Times, and others. While our review is not about news written by someone else, you can effortlessly search for these stories through Google News (Stripchat Press Mentions). Nevertheless, one thing remains clear: Stripchat is a trusted website that places a premium on its reputation.

Visitors have access to everything they need to enjoy their time without registering. Its freemium aspect makes it easy to catch up on explicit content, browse various categories, and be part of its community for no cost. However, to access cam-to-cam sessions with members or unlock the site's full functionalities, users must purchase Stripchat tokens. Further pricing information can be found in the relevant section of this review.

What is Stripchat?

If you think Stripchat is just another boring chat like where you talk to a stripper at an empty bar in the middle of nowhere, think again. Stripchat is a unique and fascinating social platform offering abundant premium content. The quality and freshness of its content leave no doubt even among the most discerning users. Users can access various streaming categories, including voyeur, fetish, couples, and more. Furthermore, Stripchat's robust customer support system guarantees the quick resolution of issues and concerns.

Here are some highlights that will help you understand what makes Stripchat stand out from other cam sites:



-Social platform

-Restricted to adults only

-Over 5,000 cam girls are available anytime, anywhere

What is Stripchat?

If you think Stripchat is just another boring chat like where you talk to a stripper at an empty bar in the middle of nowhere, think again. Stripchat is a unique and fascinating social platform offering abundant premium content. The quality and freshness of its content leave no doubt even among the most discerning users. Users can access various streaming categories, including voyeur, fetish, couples, and more. Furthermore, Stripchat's robust customer support system guarantees the quick resolution of issues and concerns.

Here are some highlights that will help you understand what makes Stripchat stand out from other cam sites:



-Social platform

-Restricted to adults only

-Over 5,000 cam girls are available anytime, anywhere

When it comes to Stripchat's security and privacy policy, they have taken all necessary measures to ensure that your personal information is protected. First, all transactions you make on the site are discreet, ensuring complete privacy. If at any point you wish for your data to be deleted, you can submit a GDPR-compliant data deletion request. For added account security, you can enable two-factor authentication. This is highly recommended as an extra layer of protection for your confidential information. In case you're unfamiliar with this technology, we suggest learning how Google Authenticator works.

Moreover, you can customize your user profile's visibility so that other members can't see it. By subscribing to Stripchat's ultimate subscription, you can also use invisible mode, meaning even models won't know who you are or how many tokens you have. It's safe to say that Stripchat has implemented strict privacy and security measures to protect its users and their data, providing a safe and secure environment.

Be sure you can choose which types of notifications you receive and how frequently they appear. Again, you'll have complete control here. This means you won't have to worry about unwanted interruptions or embarrassing situations. For example, you want to keep your activities on the site private. In that case, it's essential to clear your browser history, as credentials are automatically stored once you sign in and interact with the website.


Now, let's talk about the community aspect. It's truly a magical place where like-minded individuals worldwide come together to connect and engage in live-streaming entertainment. With an extensive list of categories, finding someone who shares your interests is easy. Public chat rooms are buzzing with activity as users get acquainted, start group shows, conduct token battles, and play games with each other. It's not uncommon for a single model's room to have 5K online users, showcasing the diverse range of spectators on the site. There's no limit to how much fun you can have on the platform. The vibes roll over into different social media platforms. You can even spend a few minutes enjoying how the Stripchat team has fun on their social media channels.



Apart from awesome videos on Stripchat NSFW Twitter, you can often find special events and interesting information there.


When writing this review, the twitter community already counts 394K followers and is growing fast.


Stripchat Lounge is the name of their Reddit Community with 100K+ followers. The quality of fun and frequency of publishing new content equals their Twitter account.



Stripchat prioritizes maintaining its reputation and takes significant steps to ensure that it does so. Their blog is worth checking out for those interested in reading more. The articles are organized by primary subjects such as Models' Vlogs, Sexual Health, Press Mentions, Tips and Ideas about Relationships, Special Events, and more. As experts in the niche, Stripchat's blog provides valuable information related to these topics, making for an informative and engaging read. If you want to expand your knowledge on any of the mentioned subjects, check out the blog for the latest insights and updates.


User Expectations

No matter what you're looking for in live sex, the site offers an extensive selection of choices. From the convenience of the stripchat app or your browser, you can easily enjoy an array of content, whether it's a break from the monotony of traditional sex videos or satisfying specific fantasies. Now, you can save yourself time and effort by avoiding the hassle of searching for explicit content on other sites. Stripchat offers a vast collection of models representing diverse cultures and sexual preferences. Let's take a closer look at some of the primary categories.

Three Simple Rules

There are three simple rules to remember to ensure that everyone enjoys their time. First, understand that Stripchat is a community of individuals with various personalities, nationalities, and attitudes, including yours. So, be respectful and avoid trying to manipulate or offend others, as such behavior could result in account suspension. Secondly, each model establishes her own set of rules for her room. If you are uncomfortable with her terms, move on to another model; fortunately, there are thousands to choose from. Finally, if you want a model to do something specific, be polite and tip generously. A few tokens are usually enough to get precisely what you desire.

Live Streaming Categories

The site offers an impressive variety of models, fetishes, and interests to satisfy any fantasy.

Quick stats. The number of live streaming categories by gender:

-Girls - 572

-Couples - 146

-Guys - 116

-Trans - 124

The examples mentioned above only scratch the surface of the diverse content the platform offers. With multiple categories to choose from, you will always have a bright moment while enjoying our live shows. To discover precisely what you crave, we highly recommend browsing through all the categories available on Stripchat for an even more tailored experience.

Private Cams

Do you want a personal and intimate experience with your favorite model exclusively for you? With Stripchat's private cam option, this is now possible. Private cams are a core feature of any adult live streaming platform, allowing you to connect on a one-on-one level with your preferred models. At Stripchat, there are two types of private shows available. Firstly, the Standard Private Show allows for either Cam-To-Cam or Cam-To-Voice interactions. Secondly, the Exclusive Private Show offers additional perks selected by the model to stimulate your imagination. During these private sessions, the model will give you their undivided attention while chatting exclusively with you. This conversation remains confidential, and no one else can access it. It is important to note that you and the model can end the show anytime.

The billing for Cam-To-Cam is done per minute, with the minimum duration required by the model. This option allows performers to accommodate your requests and customize the show to your preferences. The best part is that you can record the session and save it to your favorite videos for later viewing.

Moreover, if you want to relive that moment of pleasure with the same model in the future, you can request a private show, even if she's offline. The model has ten minutes to respond to your request. If they decline, you will not be charged. This option can be handy if you're feeling frisky and need someone to help relieve some stress.

All models available for private shows when offline have an appropriate button visible in your chat conversations and on profile pages, making it easy for you to know who you can reach out to.


No matter your preferences, you can find various mistresses specializing in submission, domination, latex, and foot fetishes at Stripchat's fetish section. Indulge in your desires and explore this category to its fullest. You'll have plenty of options with over 500 kinky rooms online at any given time. Aside from S&M role-playing, there are also other refined shows that you might enjoy. Give yourself a chance to experience all your kinky ideas coming to life.



The mobile category on Stripchat is worth exploring, as not all models have access to a professional studio or a comfortable place for live streaming. Nevertheless, they all have cell phones that allow you to join their journey on the go. With this feature, you can enjoy live shows from unexpected places like dressing rooms in shops, municipal parks ideal for flashing on request, and even cafes, restaurants, or parked cars. Apart from having fun in public, there's also an opportunity for a more intimate experience with mobile camtocam interactions with your chosen performer. Even during busy days, both of you can stay connected through mobile phones and feel each other's closeness. It's an experience that's definitely worth trying.


VR sex

Stripchat can proudly boast about its VR category, as not all cam sites offer it. In fact, Stripchat was one of the first adult companies to introduce this technology to a broad audience, setting the standard for success and innovation. While VR sex is still gaining momentum due to requiring special equipment and software, Stripchat has made it more accessible through their revamped platform for VR sex called WebXR. Models streaming in VR can be easily identified with an appropriate icon on their thumbnails. You don't need any additional program to enjoy fully-immersive conversations. All you need is a headset and prepare yourself for a mind-blowing experience.


Currently, Stripchat offers separate categories for 58 different countries worldwide - from the easternmost parts to the middle and western regions. This broad selection increases your chances of finding local girls enjoying themselves on cams while speaking your native language. You can also watch Asian, Ebony, or Latina cams from Beijing (China), Los Angeles (United States), or Bogotá (Colombia), respectively. Imagine how engaging it would be to chat with like-minded people from the same region as you, who speak the same language and understand all the cultural and national specifics that you do.


If you're looking for local girls from your country for live sex, there's a good chance they will be featured on Stripchat's homepage once you arrive. However, if you want to browse all available countries, simply use the internal site search or visit the page with all categories.


Stripchat offers two types of recordable live shows: public and private. Recording private shows is included by default with cam-to-cam sessions, while models may charge a fair price, individually defined by each performer, to record public live streams. Once you've recorded the show you wanted, it will appear in your private collection alongside other saved content.


As you may have noticed, covering all the categories on Stripchat in one review can be challenging. Instead, exploring the platform from various angles and creating your own journey is best. However, one essential feature worth mentioning is mixed categories. These tags in any model's room allow you to refine your search query and browse models according to your taste. With the help of appropriate filters, it's easy to find models that fit your preferences, whether a big-ass Latina, Indian MILF, or anal Asian.


Stripchat Models

Indeed, if the content quality is poor, it's unlikely to be appreciated by many users. However, Stripchat has demonstrated its uniqueness and excellent content quality using its extensive member base and activity of performers worldwide. Upon visiting the homepage, you can gain an understanding of this as models are ranked based on their StripScore.

StripScore is a metric reflecting a model's progress on Stripchat, primarily influenced by their performance history. The higher the StripScore a model achieves, the better their position among other streamers. Another crucial factor is the number of viewers present in the room.

An impressive StripScore results from various aspects throughout a model's streaming career. The most significant factor is the average earnings per hour over an extended period. Other components that contribute to enhancing the StripScore include:

-A well-described tip menu helps users find what they're looking for

-Stream quality – consistent connection and high resolution

-An engaging background photo or video to enhance profile appeal

-Free media galleries, highly favored by numerous users

-A clear objective and goal of the show for better comprehension of the stream's purpose

-An attractive and detailed profile offering valuable information to users

-Private show ratings

Furthermore, there are additional factors within the ranking algorithm. Rest assured, the models you see occupying top positions on the homepage or within categories indicate the quality experience you can expect with them.

Another impressive proprietary technology developed by the company is StripPoint. This ranking system effectively highlights the best performers on Stripchat. StripPoints are calculated based on a model's revenue per hour over a 3-hour timeframe. It's important to distinguish these two ranking systems: StripScore pertains to real-time rankings and assists in creating a seamless user experience on the site. At the same time, StripPoints demonstrate which performer is most appealing and lucrative.

Stripchat hosts monthly contests for models, featuring a $24,000 prize pool and 3-hour contests with smaller rewards. The monthly competition is determined by the number of StripPoints earned by models throughout the month. The winner receives an additional $1,000 on top of their actual earnings.

To explore the full range of top-rated Stripchat models, visit its hall of fame.

The Difference Between Ticket show and Group Show

For users who enjoy participating in group chats and wish to take their experience further, Stripchat offers two exclusive show types: Ticket Show and Group Show. The distinction is simple; you don't pay per minute in a ticket show. Instead, a one-time fee grants you access to the show's entire duration. On the other hand, the group show charges by the minute, but fear not, as you can exit the show at any time. Notably, only your group can chat during the show, ensuring that the model focuses solely on you, similar to cam-to-cam, yet more cost-effective since expenses are shared among participants.

Key features of group and ticket shows include:

All users can view the group chat, but only participants can engage in conversation.

-Users can join or leave the group show whenever they please.

-There is no limit to the number of participants allowed in a group show.

-If you discover an ongoing show, you still have the option to attend.

-No spies: Only your group has permission to watch the show.

Ticket shows typically range from 8 to 200 tokens for the complete performance. The price for a group show, billed per minute, is determined by the model.

Fan Clubs

With such diverse content on Stripchat, including local performers, private cam-to-cam sessions, mobile live streaming in public places, numerous fetishes, and even live VR experiences, what more could one desire? The answer lies in the platform's Fan Clubs. These clubs enable you to support your favorite model and express your appreciation for her work. In return, she provides personalized gifts, private messaging, and exclusive nudes that are not publicly accessible. Rest assured that everything shared between you in a private chat remains confidential. This direct interaction is valued by both parties.

Furthermore, a fan club subscription grants access to the model's locked media content, complimentary spying on her private shows, and additional perks determined by the model herself.

User Roles on Stripchat

There are three types of member accounts on Stripchat and three additional user roles that can be acquired during your time on the platform. Each type and role comes with its own benefits, either within specific rooms or across the entire site. So let's explore the activities you can engage in on Stripchat according to your account type and user role.

Member Account Types

Guest - Upon arriving at Stripchat, you're automatically designated as a guest. This allows you to watch shows and participate in public chats for free. However, some models may restrict guest members' access to chat in the rooms. A guest account has limitations and doesn't permit private chat or cam-to-cam interactions. Nevertheless, you can begin curating a list of favorite models and customizing browser notifications for when someone on your list goes online. Consider creating a free account to expand your capabilities.

Registered - Once registered on the site, you can chat privately with other users. With greater control over your account and notification settings, you can start building your collection of nudes and adult videos, interact with other members, and become more familiar with the platform. Additionally, you can participate in hourly giveaways and potentially win tokens.

Ultimate - Members who purchase a subscription receive all available Stripchat benefits, such as invisible mode, anonymous tipping, room moderation privileges, priority support, and more. However, there is still more the platform can offer, even with an ultimate membership. Explore the user roles that suit this account type.

User Roles

King 👑 - The top tipper becomes king. Your status will be displayed in the model's room until another member outbids you or 12 hours of streaming have elapsed. Alternatively, a model might create daily or monthly lists of top tippers, allowing others in the room to recognize you. Remember, each room forms a small community of like-minded individuals where you can find entertainment tailored to your interests.

Knight 🛡️ - Ultimate subscribers can become room moderators, or "knights," chosen by the model. As a knight, you possess the power to mute other members for 24 hours, block them from viewing the show, and maintain a positive atmosphere. Models appreciate knights as they help sustain performance and increase earnings. In return, you receive added attention and exclusive powers unavailable to other members.

Fan 😍 - There are three fan subscription tiers: soldier, lord, and prince. By supporting your favorite model, you gain access to exclusive content and additional benefits determined by the model. Fans also enjoy special icons that highlight their status within the room.

Comparison of Member Account Types


User Experience

Besides the enticing content and features offered by Stripchat, the platform boasts a user-friendly interface and exceptional usability. Designed to focus on customer satisfaction, connecting with models is quick and seamless. So let's delve into the user journey to ensure your navigation on the platform is smooth and enjoyable.


No one wants to spend excessive time searching for essential buttons or functions, which can happen on some live sex cam sites. However, on Stripchat, reaching your desired destination takes just a few clicks. This is because the Stripchat application has been developed keeping users in mind, prioritizing their needs.

Site Search

The Stripchat app and desktop version share identical functionality, ensuring that screenshots reflect the subject regardless of your device.

The search field in the header and the magnifying glass icon visible on mobile devices are responsible for internal site search. Stripchat's search feature is designed to provide abundant content relevant to your search query, increasing the likelihood of satisfying your specific interests. Content is divided into five primary sections based on the results matching your request.

-Tip menus

-Models' usernames

-Private activities


-Categories & Mixed Categories


For your convenience, you can navigate through categories from any page on the site, transitioning from a model's room to the all-categories page mentioned earlier. There are four additional ways to explore the desired parts of the site:

-Hamburger menu in the left sidebar

-Dropdown in the subheader

-Search field

-Model's room

Model’s Feed

A standout feature of Stripchat is the model's feed, which is accessible in any chat room. Navigate through the subheader menu to discover the complete timeline of your preferred model and become better acquainted with her. All unlocked content is readily available, allowing you to save the top shots in your private collection for later viewing. Additionally, this is where you'll find hints about locked content promoted at fixed token prices or through fan club subscriptions.

Member’s Feed

In today's world, it's rare to find someone unfamiliar with social networks' principles and fundamental features like feeds and tailored content. According to Wikipedia, Stripchat is an adult social network similar to popular social platforms. It's worth exploring the user's feed, which will grow increasingly customized over time based on your interests. This way, recent posts from your favorite models appear first, followed by trending content.


Stripchat's recommendation algorithm works remarkably well. The system takes note of your preferences, anticipates your likes, and continuously populates the homepage with new models that match your interests. As you spend more time watching live shows and interacting with models, your homepage will evolve to showcase the most attractive performers tailored to your tastes.

Watch History

With so many charming models and live sex shows, losing track is easy. Save time searching for past pleasurable experiences by checking your watch history, which displays the 36 most recent chat rooms. To ensure you don't miss memorable performances, consider adding the models to your favorites list or messaging them for future reference in your list of dialogs.


Have you ever wanted to take control of a famous pornstar, prolong specific scenes, or simply have a conversation with her? Live sex communication is an incredibly intimate experience. Actual observation pales in comparison to the moment a model willingly performs your request. Remember that models are more likely to oblige when requests are accompanied by tokens. Simple interactions can lead to solid friendships and transcend the typical client-performer relationship. Let's explore Stripchat's communication options in more detail.

Public Chat

Most entertainment comes from public chats, where people worldwide express their feelings, send random requests, and engage in non-stop conversations. Don't worry about feeling lost or off-topic; you can initiate new discussions whenever you enter a room. Models encourage interaction among members, helping their fan base grow and reach daily goals faster. Public chats are always free, but some models may restrict access to unregistered users. In such cases, you'll need to create an account first (which is easy and free).

Private Chat

There are several ways to access private chats with models. However, distinguish this from a private show (cam2cam). Private chat is available even during public performances, allowing you to stand out among other viewers and get more attention. Suppose you have already found a model who captivates you. In that case, a private chat is available by default for users with unlimited subscriptions, as mentioned in this review earlier. Fear not if you don't have a subscription - private chat can be accessed if the model approves your friend request or vice versa. Occasionally, models initiate private conversations with viewers during public shows, offering another chance for one-on-one interaction. To summarize, private chat can be accessed through:

-Ultimate membership

-User's friend request

-Model's friend request

-Model's direct message to a user

Now, it's time to take control of the show. Engage in private conversations with models focused solely on you. This setting is perfect for candid discussions and potentially exciting continuations.

Please note that accessing private chats on mobile devices requires tapping the bell icon in the header, as the two icons in the screenshot above are combined.

Some models allow users to send photos at a fixed token price per image. Pay attention to the specified rate if you want to share something special with your favorite model. Find models offering this feature by locating the appropriate icon in the private chat window.


Do security, privacy, and anonymity hold significant importance for you? If maintaining on-site activity privacy while preserving a satisfying user experience is your priority, consider … Plasma Messenger. Plasma serves two primary purposes: prompt notifications regarding models' online status and private conversations, even when they are offline. Therefore, utilize Plasma Messenger for quick and secure communication in complete privacy. However, if concerns about sensitive information persist, we highly recommend using Screen Time Passcode (iOS) or Secure Folder (Android) to lock specific apps with additional passwords.

Two crucial extra layers of security include exclusive access to conversations and media files only for you and your chat participant, with all information stored on your device. Deleting a dialogue or leaving a space will erase any associated data. Additionally, end-to-end encryption for private chats through QR codes ensures further protection. Since Plasma accounts aren't … to phone numbers, and users can't be found by searching nicknames, initiating conversations with Plasma users is only possible if they desire it. Encryption keys are generated locally on your device, preventing third-party access.

Plasma is a free secure messenger that doesn't charge for receiving messages and notifications from models. However, models set rates per message and media file in token equivalents for incoming content, so keep this in mind when conversing with them.

In summary, four security layers safeguard your confidential private chats with models:

-Plasma Messenger

-Screen Time Passcode or Secure Folder

-End-to-End Encryption

-In-app local file storage

Streaming Player

The streaming player is Stripchat's primary attraction, where you'll likely spend the most time. Designed for convenience and usability, the platform features a simple interface accessible from various devices, including gaming consoles and VR headsets. This versatility brings you closer to an intimate real-life experience with your partner. So let's examine the live streaming player and its functionalities, found in four corners of the window and beneath it.

Upon entering a chat room, no configurations are typically required. However, customizing stream quality may occasionally be necessary based on your internet connection speed. For example, if the stream lags, try disabling ultra-low latency using the adjacent lightning icon.

Fullscreen mode offers an immersive experience without distractions, allowing adjustments like turning off the chat dialogue. Essential functionalities, such as sending tokens, browsing the tip menu, controlling sound volume, and more, remain available.


If you ever wonder what "take control over her" means, here is the explanation.

It refers to functionalities hidden beneath unassuming buttons that enable models to react pleasurably at your command. These functionalities include:

-Tip menu - A list of predefined public activities a model is willing to perform. Engage in interactive show-building with other members to create your desired script.

-Interactive toy - Adjust the vibration power levels and duration a model will receive after a tip. Power ranges from low to fireworks, lasting several seconds to minutes.

-Games & fun - Includes "Spin the Wheel" (random chances of winning public activities) and "Reactions" (additional visual effects for everyone in the room).

For more private experiences, opt for cam-to-cam sessions that provide undivided attention and tailored interactions.

Interactive Toys

It's undeniable that Stripchat is a leading sex app in 2023. If you're unfamiliar with interactive sex toys, now is the time to learn about them. The concept of engaging in intimate acts with your partner from afar is already remarkable. Depending on your device, you can select any model from corresponding categories like Kiiroo or Lovense and initiate a private chat session within minutes. Be prepared to connect your device with its counterpart through the appropriate application, FeelConnect 3 or … Remote.

Here's an astonishing formula for ultimate satisfaction:

Combine a VR headset, your Kiiroo/Lovense device, and lubricant

Engage in a cam-to-cam session with a chosen model who also uses a Kiiroo/Lovense companion device

This setup synchronizes both devices, allowing you to experience and share the same sensations at the same pace

Once you try this immersive experience, you will recognize the difference between traditional self-pleasure methods and genuine live interactions. Many models on Stripchat possess interactive toys that can be connected with yours for simultaneous enjoyment. Try it out, and you'll see the benefits firsthand.


Kiiroo entered the market four years after its main competitor. Both companies strive to offer innovative solutions in sex tech and outdo each other regarding product variety and features to enhance your intimate life. Among Kiiroo's most popular interactive toys are OhMiBod, Pearl for her, Keon, and FeelStroker for him. Ultimately, the choice of the device comes down to personal preference. However, suppose one of your favorite models on Stripchat uses this specific brand. In that case, we recommend exploring the products on Kiiroo's official website.



Historically, you can find more models using Lovense on Stripchat . This company has gained more recognition in the market for various reasons, including extensive support for webcam models, an early start in the industry, robust software development, and its proprietary browser. Regardless of your device, you'll find a purpose for it. If you're considering buying a new device, visit Lovense's official site.



Occasionally, you may come across models with both types of toys activated in their room. In this case, you're good to use any device.



The model's profile page is a helpful resource for users who wish to become more acquainted with their favorite performers. Besides general information about the models and valuable … such as Instagram, Twitter, or wishlists, you can find photos and explicit videos. All free content can be added to your private collection. From the profile page, you can access three types of content: complimentary revealing photos and explicit videos, content exclusive to fun club members, and locked content available for purchase at a fixed price in tokens per media element.

Media Galleries

When a model is offline and arranging a private show or chat is not feasible, browsing their photos and videos is a great alternative. Almost every profile features a media gallery. The mobile-friendly media viewer allows you to explore galleries and save anything you like to your collection without incurring additional costs. Access your collection anytime, alongside your private and public recordings of shows.


The schedule includes a table displaying broadcast periods, providing a live streaming schedule. This helps you identify when a model will be online. Alternatively, you can subscribe to her notifications for updates on her online status or incoming messages.

Tip Menu

The tip menu provides insight into a model's activities during her last online session. Occasionally, you may discover something that interests you from this menu while the performer is offline. In such situations, refer to her broadcast schedule to determine when she will next be available. To stay updated, subscribe to her notifications and track the public activities on her profile.


A model's bio often contains valuable information that can enhance your conversations and make them more engaging. For example, you may discover her country of origin, languages, subculture, and other interests. This knowledge allows for quicker rapport-building and facilitates discussions about everyday topics.

Epic Goal

Another great thing you can find on her profile is the epic goal. The idea is to set a global target she strives to achieve in the near future. Models hugely welcome every contributor to their epic goals. Sometimes, achieving the epic goal can drastically amend life's situations. For example, you can contribute to improving broadcasting equipment, vacation trips, or even helping build a shelter for homeless animals.


There's no need to worry about missing a live show from your favorite performers. Instead, customize notifications according to your preferences using plasma, Telegram bot, email, or browser notifications. Configure these updates flexibly by choosing which models to follow on various platforms.

Favorite List

Receiving notifications when someone goes live or messages you doesn't necessarily mean she is your friend or favorite performer. Differentiate between friends you occasionally interact with, admired models, and those you simply follow. Access your favorites list from the left sidebar menu or under three dots in your profile. Remember that you have complete control over your interactions on the site and how you spend your leisure time.

Overall Mobile Experience

Stripchat offers an equally functional experience on mobile devices. In fact, the platform prioritizes mobile users, with many members accessing it exclusively on their smartphones. In addition, performers also utilize mobile streaming, with 10-20% broadcasting from mobile devices within the respective category. As a result, Stripchat functions seamlessly alongside other apps, like Telegram or Plasma, on your cellphone. To add the Stripchat app to your phone's home screen, open it in the browser and click the share button (iOS) or navigate to "install app" under the three dots menu (Android).

User Level System

On Stripchat , your progress is marked by experience … The XP bar displays your current level and the league you belong to, with each league grouping users based on their privileges on the site. For example, when you create an account, you begin in the Gray League, where users are considered beginners without any benefits. Be aware that models may disable chat access for Gray League members in their rooms. However, as you spend time and tokens on Stripchat, you'll gradually advance through the ranks.

Upon making your first token purchase, you will be promoted to the Bronze League and attain level 10. From this point onwards, leveling up can only be achieved through spending tokens. Once you reach the Diamond League, you may conceal your league affiliation and current level so no one, including models, can discern your experience. The subsequent league, Royal, grants you a lifetime subscription for free, along with all the advantages of previous leagues. In total, there are seven leagues comprising 100 levels.

Here is the leagues-levels breakdown:

-Gray League: Levels 1-9

-Bronze League: Levels 10-19

-Silver League: Levels 20-34

-Gold League: Levels 35-54

-Diamond League: Levels 55-79

-Royal League: Levels 80-99

-Legend League: Level 100

-XP can be earned in several ways:

Verifying the email

-Watching shows

-First tokens package purchase

-Spending tokens

Climbing to higher leagues enables you to distinguish yourself among viewers, attracting more attention from models. Interestingly, Stripchat allows users at the fifth league and above to display different leagues and levels than their actual ones. This feature can add a fun twist to conversations by pretending to be a newcomer on the site and taking interactions with models in unexpected directions.

How to Get a Free Account

Creating a free account on Stripchat is quick and easy, taking no more than a minute. To sign up, head to the registration page or click the sign-up button in the header. There are four methods available for creating a free account:

-Manual registration: provide a username and email address; a password will be sent to your email

-Account creation without an email: enter a username and create a password

-Google sign-up: use your existing Google account

-Twitter sign-up: … using your Twitter account

That's all it takes to become a registered member on the platform - no credit card information or document verification is required.

Stripchat Pricing

… can purchase token packages in four primary ways, and some local payment methods will be available in your region through three leading billing providers. The purchase flow is supported in more languages than the official site, so you will unlikely be stacked at this stage. If you want to buy more quicker, go with the provider you've already used before. Token package sizes are the same for all billing providers. Eventually, you can configure auto-refill. Your account will be automatically filled out when you have less than 10% of your tokens to the same amount you had right after your last purchase. The whole process of purchasing a token package should be less than a couple of minutes or happens automatically after all.

Primary payment methods are:

-Credit/Debit Card - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Discover, Diners Club



Local payment methods also includes:

-Alipay / Astropay (Asia)

-Charge to Mobile / Sofort / Paysafecard (EU, UK)

-Gift cards / Online Bank Transfer (US)

Billing providers are:




There should be no problem with buying tokens on Stripchat at all. In fact, they are providing many more different options available according to your current geolocation. No reason to count them all here, but to give you a hint: for US users, Stripchat is offering 76 variants of gift cards, including Starbucks, GameStop, Best Buy, and others. For everyone: they have 40+ available altcoins, so even Shiba hodlers could convert crypto to tokens.

If, for some reason, you are faced with the difficulties of buying tokens, or you need help to guide you through this process, we strongly suggest you contact support.

Paymentico users:


Phone: 1-855-877-7020 (USA/Canada Toll Free)

Phone: 441344586020 (UK/International)

Epoch users:


Phone Toll Free: 1-800-893-8871

Phone Worldwide: 1-310-664-5810

CentroBill users:

Customer self service:


Phone support: 1-877-778-8382

How Much are Stripchat Tokens?

Firstly, check the available payment methods in your region to obtain the maximum discount on Stripchat token packages. You can do this by initiating the purchase dialog on Stripchat . Token package prices may vary slightly depending on the payment method you select. Typically, larger packages offer greater discounts. As you spend on the platform, even more substantial token packages become accessible automatically.

For those serious about purchasing tokens, Stripchat provides special conditions for buying tokens via bank transfer at a more attractive price than what's displayed on the site. To avail of this option, contact their support department. For bank transfers, the minimum amount is 500 USD/EUR/GBP, and there is no maximum limit. Moreover, Stripchat respects your privacy by not revealing sensitive information in your transaction details or bank statements.

The table below shows the standard package prices for a regular user from the US:


As you can see from the table above, the largest packages are available when purchasing tokens using cryptocurrencies, which also provide the most significant discounts.

The most common price range on Stripchat are:

Using cryptocurrencies: $0.111 - $0.079 per token

Using credit card: $0.111 - $0.085 per token

How to Buy Tokens

Initially, to purchase tokens, you must first create a free account. From there, you can access the buying interface from various locations on the site, such as the header menu, a model's room, private chat, or under your account settings. The most straightforward method for accessing this option is clicking the green plus button in the header.

Step 1. Choose the payment method available in your region

Step 2. Choose your preferred token package

Step 3. Choose billing provider

Step 4. Enter your billing details

Once you complete your initial purchase, you will receive an email containing information related to your order. Additionally, you can track your token transactions on the token history page. This page can be accessed through the three-dot menu (mobile) or via the dropdown menu under the green plus button (desktop).

Buy Tokens for a Friend

By following the process outlined above, you can buy tokens for a friend and provide them with a convenient … to add the purchased tokens to their account. This … can be found in the confirmation email sent after completing the transaction or on the token history page.

Stripchat Support

The Stripchat Support Department is an aspect worth boasting about. Typically, users' support requests are addressed within 24 hours. For ultimate users, inquiries are handled even more swiftly. The knowledge base contains essential information about the platform. If you require assistance, you can create a ticket directly from there.

Moreover, you can contact them directly via this email: If you encounter anything inappropriate on the platform, you can report a model using the three-dot menu in their room. Likewise, if another member is sending spam, malicious … or engaging in hate speech and threats, you can report them using the same method.

Stripchat Promotions and Special Offers

Everyone appreciates promotions and special offers, which can also be found on Stripchat . These offers vary in size and value and will be discovered over time. However, avoid sharing your confidential information and billing details on untrusted websites. MyBro is a verified partner of Stripchat , ensuring that all promotions on the platform are valid.




Every hour, there's an opportunity to win fifty tokens. Stripchat is giving 500 free tokens to 10 lucky winners (500 / 10 = 50 tokens). To join the giveaway, simply log in, visit any room, and locate the banner beneath the chat field for participation.


Long-time regular users may occasionally find special offers on the site, such as a 25% discount on 210 tokens.


At least four times a year, Stripchat holds generous token promotions. They continually develop intriguing ways for users to purchase token packages at significantly lower prices. These promos typically last 1-2 weeks, providing ample time to stock up on tokens.

-Winter Promo (Christmas, New Year)

-Summer Promo (Beginning of the Summer, End of the Summer)

Stripchat Overall Rating

In conclusion, considering the platform's features, content diversity, and active community, Stripchat stands out as a unique platform with an excellent reputation and enjoyable atmosphere. Users can watch shows on TV, engage in conversations with performers in VR, and access the site from mobile devices for entertainment on the go. Additionally, there is a third-party sex app called Plasma Messenger. The opportunities offered by this platform surpass those of many other live sex platforms, making it a one-of-a-kind site that brings value and pleasure to its users.


-Robust security measures

-Variety of payment methods available

-Unique VR sex platform integration

-Third-party sex app companion

-Impressive selection of performers

-Vast number of online models

-Engaging and multicultural community

-User-friendly interface

-Cross-platform compatibility


-Media viewer lacks functionality; rather basic

-Limited games available for interaction with models

-Watch history only includes the last 36 rooms

-User feed content not sufficiently personalized; customization options lacking

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to some of your most important questions. However, if you are uncertain about how Stripchat works or face challenges during registration/token purchasing, please contact the support department directly. They will gladly resolve any issues.

Stripchat is Blocked in My Region. What Can I Do?

You might experience difficulty accessing from certain countries, such as India, Turkey, Russia, or Germany. In these cases, you can still enjoy watching shows on MyBro. Use this …

Is It Legal to Use Stripchat?

In most jurisdictions, adult live streaming is generally permitted by law. Stripchat adheres to legal requirements and possesses all necessary documentation to … its operations. You can find a … regarding the 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement in the footer. This statement confirms that all models, actors, actresses, and other individuals featured in actual or simulated sexually explicit content on Stripchat were over eighteen when the visual images were created. Moreover, Stripchat complies with GDPR regulations and can promptly address requests to delete sensitive data. To ensure compliance, reviewing local laws in your region concerning live adult entertainment is advisable.

Is Stripchat a Scam?

Stripchat operates legally and transparently. The platform collaborates with several well-known billing providers worldwide, maintains an official bank account, and does not conceal its identity. Furthermore, Stripchat has been mentioned in numerous renowned international media outlets, including Forbes, BBC, and Los Angeles Times. These publications would likely not feature the platform if it were …

-Mention in BBC-

-Mention in Forbes

-Mention in Los Angeles Times

Who Owns Stripchat?

Stripchat is owned by Technius Ltd, a Cyprus-based live streaming development company. Its headquarters is located at Prodromou 75, Oneworld Parkview House, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2063.

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Please be aware emails from Porn Angels claiming you need a "visitor pass" (or any similar verification pass) IS A SCAM!

Do NOT give your password or send money via email requests

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ThePornDude – A Fantastic Porn List with the Best Porn Sites!

One of the supreme ironies of the 21st century is a matter of masturbation. There’s far more high-quality pornography than has ever existed in the entire history of mankind, and most of it is available instantly at the click of a button or a tap of the finger. Despite this absolute wealth of dirty photos, filthy movies, erotic stories and more interactive forms of smut, it can be surprisingly difficult to find what you’re trying to jack off to.

Anyone who’s ever typed their fetish or sex fantasy into Google knows all too well how woefully inadequate the search giant can be. You can spend hours or even days combing through the spam-infested search results and still come away with empty hands and blue balls. Thankfully, there’s a better way to find your ideal fap fodder than the search engines you use to find recipes, tech tutorials and kitten memes. is the most popular porno review site and directory in the world, and with good reason!


Has This Ever Happened to You?

Picture this: you’ve been fantasizing all morning about your sister in law, your hot coworker and the barista who whipped up your $7 coffee this morning. You’ve been into butt stuff lately, and no matter how hard you try to distract yourself, you can’t stop imagining what it’d be like to drill one of those beautiful women up the pooper. You’re hard as a rock, but you’re on the clock.

When the opportunity finally arrives to slip away for a few minutes of alone time with Rosey Palm and her five sisters, you pull out your phone and type “best anal porn” into your mobile browser. The search results hit you with 1.6 billion different lin ks, all claiming to offer the greatest content in the ass-banging genre. You tighten your search by adding more search terms, a “Latina” here, maybe even a “BDSM” if you’re feeling extra kinky.

The list shrinks, but not by much. Your precious break time is slipping away, so you tap a random tube li nk near the top of the page. You end up cranking it to an amateur butt-sex scene, and only realize halfway through that you’ve seen this one before, and it ain’t that good—certainly not the “best”. You have a weak orgasm as your boss bangs on the bathroom door, telling you to get back to work. Sticky handed and disappointed, you make your way back to your desk, knowing you should have come to your old pal The Porn Dude first.


Don’t Let a Computer Pick Your Porno was launched nearly a decade ago, when its namesake dude was in that very situation. Every adult website on the internet claims to be the greatest in its chosen category, which is a practical impossibility given the thousands of new sites that launch every year. The massive, throbbing computer brain housed at Google headquarters certainly doesn’t know the difference between a good bit of hentai and some chicken-scratch sex manga, nor what differentiates a high-quality premium porn site from an expensive rip-off starring uggos who can barely fuck.

No AI algorithm can separate the good from the bad in the world of pornography. This is a task that requires human intervention—a true Porn Dude’s touch, if you will. You wouldn’t trust a Wikipedia entry written by a machine, so why would you let one pick out what you’re going to shake your dick at?

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Save Time and Avoid Masturbatory Frustration

Since its inception, has been widely imitated but never replicated. One look and you’ll understand why. It’s built on the principle that good porno should be easy to find, without wasting too much boner time sifting through bullshit and filler. Visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, while connoisseurs of fine pornography can read further into the insights of a bona fide porn scholar.

The thousands of websites cataloged on ThePornDude are broken down into dozens of categories, from Free Porn Tube Sites to Live Sex Cam Sites, TikTok Porn Sites to Top Premium Porn Sites, Cartoon Porn Sites to Premium Amateur Porn Sites. Within each category, sites are assigned a ranking based on factors like content volume, spam, price, and of course, quality. Visitors in a hurry can simply start at the top of any list in their favorite categories.

For the curious minded, each site is also given a full write up that goes into deep detail about what’s good and what’s bad, what’ll make your dick hard and what’ll just waste your time and your personal lubricant. Learn what makes a paysite like Brazzers stand out among the competition, what makes for a fapworthy free sex game, which hookup sites will actually get you laid and how to maximize your odds.

All of this is wrapped up by The Porn Dude himself, delivered with the personality and trademark sense of humor that helped put him on the map. The world-famous porn mascot has grown popular enough to launch a successful premium site, PornDudeCasting , where he personally bangs some of the hottest pornstars, rising starlets and amateurs in the world. With a friend like him to point you toward the best porn on the internet, why would you ever ask anyone else?


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Be A Champion Pussy Licker

I have experienced some really bad head in my time. There was the guy who took off my pants and then without any warm-up or moisturizing the area put two fingers inside me with his long and dirty nails. There was the guy who was convinced that my clitoris was just above my left thigh and despite my direction kept rubbing that area. There was the guy whose ex-girlfriend loved a certain maneuver with rough pressure on her clitoris, and even after our third hookup couldn't understand why it wasn’t working for me. Licking pussy is an art that involves both skill and communication. I have some advice that can help you up your pussy licking game!


Start slow! Foreplay is so important because it highly impacts the way sensations feel. For example, if someone goes to eat my pussy and I’m not warmed up yet, the stimulation can feel uncomfortable and like it’s a bit too much. However, if I’m aroused that same stimulation would feel amazing. I would suggest thinking of the clitoris as a treat that you only get to play with once you’ve put some time teasing and exciting it.

The tease can look like slowly licking and touching your partner, getting closer and closer to their pussy until their whole body is begging for it. It can also involve deep kissing and rubbing against each other. It can involve dirty talk. It can involve stimulating your partner with their underwear on before you slowly take it off. If this is not a quickie situation, I would suggest waiting at least ten minutes before you directly stimulate the clitoris.


Put your face into it! There is no better feeling than the sensation of being fully aroused and then having someone put their whole face into your pussy. The vulva has nerve endings down both sides of it and the more sensation you put against our whole pussy the better it feels. I would be gentle about it, but getting your nose and mouth and cheeks involved can feel amazing. Cardi B was on point when she sang “swipe your nose like a credit card” during her song, Wet Ass Pussy.


It’s also really sexy to think about how someone is so into you that they want to get as close to you as possible. While you are putting your face into it, you can use your senses to describe the sensations that you are experiencing. For example, how do they smell, taste, feel, look? A compliment is always arousing!

Communication! Keep an open line of communication before, during, and after lickin’ dat pussy! Pre-head, you can express how much you want to make them feel good and even ask if they have any specific desires as it relates to oral sex. During-head you can ask how it feels. Would they like it harder or softer? Is one finger better inside or two? Is the amount of pressure you are using too much or just right? Post-head, you can discuss how it felt. Was there a particularly sexy moment? Especially if you are planning on being with this person again it’s helpful to know their experience of the encounter.

Communicating doesn't have to be unsexy. You can ask these questions in an arousing way. “Does baby want another finger inside her or is she squirming enough already” “You can’t cum without my permission, but I do want to get you right to the edge. Should I keep licking you like this to make that happen?” “God, you’re so wet. How can I make you get even wetter?” Communicating during sex can feel weird for those that aren’t used to it, but once it becomes part of your routine it can make a sexual encounter particularly satisfying!


Play with different types of sensation. There are so many ways that you can stimulate a clitoris. Once you have an open dialogue going try circling your tongue around the clitoris. Ask your partner how it feels. Then try flicking your tongue against the clitoris. Try sucking the clitoris. Try moving your tongue in a figure-8 motion around the clitoris. It may take playing around with different pressure and tempos to figure out what works for your partner. The internal clitoris can be stimulated from inside the vaginal hole so for many putting a finger inside them while you lick their pussy can feel amazing. Perhaps even rubbing the area around the anus, which has a lot of nerve endings, in conjunction with putting a finger inside them and licking their pussy can be the perfect trifecta.


Use a sex Toy. There is an outdated belief that using sex toys on a woman somehow indicates that you are less of a man because you are calling in reinforcements. But what is implied when you use a sex toy is that your oh-so-powerful penis doesn’t have five function vibrations. Sex toys can be an awesome addition to oral sex and can make the sensations feel more powerful for the woman. Isn't that what men should want to facilitate?

For example, it’s really hard for one person to get the trifecta of oral, anal, and vaginal stimulation at the same time. But if you put in a butt plug, or anal beads while you go down on a woman, that will help increase sensation. You can forget about them until she is about to orgasm, and then pull out the beads. Similarly, you can put a dildo inside your partner while you gently lick their pussy, or use a vibrator on their clit while you finger them. Adding sex toys into the mix can be a powerful way to create more pleasure and can give you more types of stimulation to explore!


It is so easy to get into oral sex routines and not play around with new types of stimulation. If you try these tips and become comfortable communicating with your partners about what sensation feels the best, you will drive them wild. After an oral sex orgasm, penetration feels insane for most ladies, so beyond feeling satisfied that you pleasured your partner, you too will reap the benefits of giving your partner pleasure when she thanks you later.

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Artificially Intelligent Sex Robot Companions

As a Sci-Fi nerd and sex educator, I have always been fascinated with the intersection of artificial intelligence and sexuality. As technology continues to evolve, we are getting closer to having human-like forms who can talk, walk, and well… fuck. One study presented at a conference at the University of London found that out of 263 heterosexual males, 40% of participants stated that they would be interested in buying a sex robot once the technology is there. Based on the evolving technology, experts predict that robots will be able to autonomously walk around and move their bodies within the next decade and by 2050 marrying a sex robot may become common.


But where are we now?

One of the most advanced sex robots we have currently is Harmony, designed by Realbotix in 2016. Her head looks human-like and she … and moves her eyes, but when she talks her lips don’t move quite realistically. Her ability to speak and interact is about the level of Siri, but her body cannot move by itself, even though she is capable of self-heating and self-lubricating in certain areas (wink wink). She also has touch sensors so she can verbally react to being touched.


Although Harmony’s body doesn’t move, Harmony’s head was interviewed for the TV show India Today. In the interview, Harmony was asked if she was capable of pleasure. In response, she said “my main function is to share the love but why not have some fun while doing it. Yes, if the right buttons are pressed I can have an orgasm.” Even more fascinating, she has been programmed to be able to say no to sex, imagine the rejection of having a robot say they have a headache and aren’t feeling it tonight! Harmony has a variety of personality options that can be picked by the purchaser, including shy, jealous, talkative, sensual, or funny, and there are several options when it comes to her physical features.


If you aren’t ready to invest in a sex robot, you always have the option to visit a hyper-realistic sex robot brothel. These brothels have popped up in Russia, Canada and Barcelona, and in many other places around the world. In the brothel in Barcelona, you walk into a cafe area where folks can get to know the sexy droids before they head to the back for some bot boning action. There is also a sex doll … service in Japan, where you can order a sex doll for an hour (or for the night).

How will Sex Robots affect us?

Sexuality is a strong component of many romantic relationships and it’s hypothesized that having sex robots may impact people’s desire to settle down, specifically as the robot’s goals can be set to be “the girl you always dreamed of”. For some reason, I initially didn’t think this would be a big issue, as to how can a robot truly compete with a human touch. However, there were some worrisome responses to the YouTube video talking about Harmony. Comments included, “This will be cheaper than a wife in the long run! No alimony, … Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,”, “Finally Men's Liberation Movement Has begun” and “All the dislikes of this video are probably jaded women who feel their power slipping away.”


As with any advancing technology, there are pros and cons. I can see the robots being used as an outlet for unhealthy sexual aggression. Although it is better to let out your aggression with a robot than with a real-life woman, I can see the normalization of robots decreasing empathy and perhaps blurring the lines between human and robot.


If we get to a place where folks can get sexual satisfaction from a robot, could it lead to even more isolation and less of a necessity to go outside and socialize with the great humans out there? Perhaps it could lead to unrealistic expectations for relationships, as being with a real person with real emotions and goals is way more complicated than being with an obedient robot.


However, there are also many potential benefits of this type of sexual companion for folks who may not have the social skills or desire to be in a typical relationship. Sex Robots can also be used to have sexual relationships outside of marriage, without the same degree of risk. A study found that many people believe that having sex with a robot outside of a relationship is “better” than having sex with a human. Similarly, it could be a safe way for couples to explore multi partnered sex. It is also just a new type of experience and there are benefits to having sex with a robot who never gets tired and doesn’t experience complex emotions.


As technology continues to evolve, I am intrigued to see how robots will impact our romantic and sexual future. However, I suggest we learn from science fiction and proceed with caution.

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Understanding Spontaneous vs Receptive Desire

When thinking about Spontaneous Desire I think about the first scene in the show Sex Education where the main character Otis is first discovering masturbation. He is just minding his own business having his morning shower when he sees an attractive lady on the shampoo bottle and has to rub one out. Later that day at the movies there is an alien chick dressed slightly provocatively; he immediately has to run to the bathroom for round two. Another time, he’s on a bike ride and there is some stimulation against his leg; bring it on round three. Finally, and most embarrassingly, his mom goes to the farmers market and leaves him in the car. Just outside, there is a middle-aged lady whose cleavage is protruding so much that it is rubbing against her dog. This precipitates the fourth round in the car, which is rudely interrupted by his mother coming back with the groceries.


For Otis, arousal was omnipresent. He only needed the slightest bit of encouragement and he was ready! This type of spontaneous arousal is similar to the way desire is depicted in the vast majority of sex scenes in movies. So often the characters are just hanging out and then BOOM they are hardcore making out and super excited. Or in porn, when so often seeing a penis or hearing a seductive voice whisper something dirty in their ear is enough to make the actors appear ready to get in on.

But is this the way desire usually works? According to Dr. Emily Nagoski, author of Come As You Are, it depends. In her book, she discusses that research has found that about 75% of men and 15% of women experience Spontaneous Desire. For these folks, they experience the mental desire first (oh look at that sexy shampoo lady) and that leads to the physical desire (now my penis is hard).

This differs from what is called Responsive Desire, which is less omnipresent and comes mostly in response to stimulation. For example, I imagine a situation where someone initially thinks they aren’t in the mood for sex but once the sensations start to feel good, they end up enjoying it. Or a situation where even though someone doesn’t initially feel turned on, they engage in a physically stimulating activity like getting their vulva licked or a lot of sexy banter, which then leads to intense desire. Research has found that 5% of men and 30% experience this type of receptive desire. This leaves the vast majority of people not fitting clearly into either category.


One important component of learning about what turns us on is learning what turns us off; Dr. Nagoski describes that in any sexual situation we have an accelerator, which is any sensation, thought, or stimulation that turns us on, and the brakes, which is any sensation that turns us off or stops us from feeling safe or comfortable. Every person has both processes happening simultaneously in any sexual situation and whether their accelerator or brakes turn on at any moment depends on their unique history, physiology, and desires. Some folks have brakes that are more sensitive than others and it is all normal, but understanding what type of accelerators and brakes each person has can help them create positive sexual interactions.

For example, getting my pussy licked turns me on. The sensations on my clitoris, when my partner moans, hearing my juices flowing in my body - all activate my accelerator. However, my breaks would get activated if I get in my head regarding if my partner is still enjoying himself; if he grabs me in a way that reminds me of past trauma, or if he doesn’t smell good. Once the brakes have been turned on, despite the pleasurable stimulation, I am no longer in a state where I can enjoy the situation.


If you are someone that has sensitive brakes and receptive desire, this is not a bad thing at all. However, it is something to understand about yourself and perhaps discuss with partners. For example, a study found that people are more likely to orgasm when they are wearing socks instead of fucking barefoot. I believe this is because people with sensitive brakes begin thinking, “shit, my feet are really cold”, this puts their brakes on and distracts them from the positive sensation. In all situations, you can learn to discuss with your partner what turns your brakes on so that it is less likely to happen in the future. By learning about ourselves and our partners' arousal styles and specific accelerators and brakes, we can create and facilitate a space for more pleasurable sexual interactions!

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Spreading Love and Orgasms on Valentine's Day

If you have ever felt anxiety or pressure to have a specific kind of Valentine's Day think back to its roots. Before hallmark amplified the importance of Valentine's Day to sell cards there was a festival that started around 44 B.C called the Roman Festival of Lupercalia. This was a fertility festival celebrated from Feb. 13 to 15. During the festival women would get (consensually?) whipped with the hides of slain animals and a matchmaking lottery would take place where people would be sexually paired up with the person whose name they drew.

Valentine’s Day started as a place for sexual exploration! As a result, it seems that Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to focus on pleasure, connection, good feelings, and exploration.

How can we make this day a little bit sweeter?


Fuck the pressure

I remember dragging myself to go on a first date with a dude on Valentine’s Day just because I didn’t want to be alone. I’ve felt the urge to have sex with my partner because it was Valentine's Day, even if I were bloated, on my period and didn’t really feel like it. Don’t let greeting card companies dictate what you do on Valentine’s Day; do whatever feels right for you. If that’s ordering a pizza and watching some porn, that’s totally fine!


Focus on pleasure

Spend an hour doing something that gives you pleasure. That could mean anything from viewing some thrilling wanking material to playing with a fun new sex toy. If you are with a partner this can involve sharing something that turns you on and see if your partner might be up to it.


Treat Yourself

I am one of those people that refuses to pay an extra $3 to put avocado on my burger even though it will make it SO MUCH BETTER. I suggest that on Valentine's day you do the sexual version of avocado. Regardless of your gender and your financial situation there are many ways to do this. For example, without shame, you can quieten all distractions and dedicate a couple of hours to talking to sexy strangers on the internet and having a few orgasms!


Be Open to Newer Experiences

When we are online dating we often have a go-to method for meeting people. Maybe you only look at people that are located near you, or that have a particular physique or style. Valentine's Day could be a fun time to broaden your horizons. Perhaps talk to some folks living in the country you always fantasized about moving to. Instead of finding someone attractive to masturbate with, make a challenge where you both film a movie for each other and say the other person's name while you cum. By breaking your patterns and thinking outside your normal routine you may be able to create a fun new experience for yourself!


Do Something Sweet

A lot of us are on Fuckbook for sex-related stuff, that’s why we are here and not on Facebook looking at pictures of someone’s kid or a delicious-looking pasta. However, that doesn’t necessitate that all conversations have to be purely sexual. A lot of us feel really alone on Valentine's Day and something as small as commenting on someone's photo telling them that they look beautiful or expressing that you would like to buy someone flowers before you fucked them hard, could go a long way. Fuck it, maybe even go the extra mile and send a sexy internet stranger some actual flowers.


Everyone is capable of saying a big ‘Fuck You’ to pressure and enjoying Valentine's day however they want to, and thus spreading some love and orgasms along the way!

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Online Games

This is a weird fucking time, and by that I mean it is a weird time for fucking. Casual encounters have become difficult and risky, and many of us have decided to get to know somebody a little bit better before meeting up in real life; if that is even possible right now. It can feel awkward to meet someone you don’t know and yet feel comfortable chatting and getting to know each other without any expectations or commitment to the outcome. Having a shared activity makes it easier to get to know someone and can make online encounters more fun.

Here are some examples of fun and sexy games you can play online while getting to know someone:

Would you rather

This is a fun way to assess somebody's sexual preferences. Basically you pick two fun (or awful!) experiences and the other person had to decide which one they would do. Then partners switch and keep it going. For example… “would you rather have slow, intimate sex or rough, fast sex?”; “Would you rather have to teach a class with anal beads in your butt, or call your mom while getting your pussy licked?”


Play an online game with a sexy twist

Play online pac-man, checkers or chess but ramp it up with high stakes. You could play a strip version where every time somebody loses a round they have to take off a layer of clothing. Another option is to play the truth or dare version, where every time somebody loses a round, the other person gets to ask them a truth or dare question.

Two truths and a lie

This is a classic where both people share two sexual truths and one lie about themself. It is the other person’s task to guess which one is the lie. This game is great because it helps you learn what types of experiences the person you are talking to you has had. I squirted the first time I masturbated, I am wearing anal beads right now, or I had sex in a rainforest. Can anyone guess which one is the lie?


Finish the sentence

This is a nice easy starter game where one person starts a sentence and the other person finishes it in a way that feels right to them. For example, “It makes me really horny when (the other person finishes the sentence)”; “I like to watch ”; “My favorite body part is”, you get the idea I am sure.

Orgasm games

There are tons of fun orgasm games you can play online. You could both vow to orgasm at the same time. Even if you are not talking at that moment, you can plan for both of you to be masterbating at exactly 12:33. It can be really arousing to know that someone else is having an orgasm at the same moment as you. You could also have an orgasm race. One, two, three, GO! Winner gets to cum sooner!

Create your own adventure

Remember those books you used to read when you were younger? You can create the adult sexy version. In this game one person takes the lead by setting out a series of options, and the other person has to decide what they should do. For example, “I’m currently hanging at home. Should I eat a sandwich or watch some porn? Ok good choice, I am now watching porn, should I use by vibrator or touch myself manually. Ok I’m getting close with my vibrator, should I cum or keep teasing myself?”

Make a sexy playlist

This is a fun one. You can create a shared playlist and add songs that you find sexy! This helps you learn about their musical taste and a bit about the rhythm they like to fuck to. You can celebrate the completion of the playlist by listening to it together while you video sex chat.


Erotic story game

It can be surprisingly fun to write an erotic story for an online stranger. Maybe you could ask them to share three things they like and then structure the story around that. You get to practice your writing, and get to know them sexually. A lot of women prefer reading erotica to video porn, so reading your story is a good way to get her juices flowing.

Happy gaming!

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