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HuCow Fetish: Grazing the Unknown Pasture

Have you heard of submissive women dressing up like a cow and being lactated by a dominant strong farmer? HuCow is a fascinating fetish that is far more popular than you would expect. There is one HuCow tumblr with over 10,000 followers and a HuCow enthusiasts Reddit account has over 23,000 subscribers and numerous erotic art and storytelling websites devoted specifically to HuCows.


Like with many fetishes, HuCow play is a fun escape and allows people to take on a new identity that takes them away from regular life. But why play a horny lactating cow? Well, a number of reasons. Breast stimulation, such as done during lactation is very sensual. It can feel very arousing for women, especially as breasts are a less explored erogenous zone, and can lead to breast orgasms if stimulated correctly. For those that enjoy degradation and submission, getting lactated can be particularly arousing due to the loss of control associated with the act. I have also been told that HuCows enjoy playing a rather low IQ animal, who only have to focus on making milk and following orders. Being aroused as a HuCow seems much easier than any job I’ve ever had! Furthermore, for some folks, being a cow has helped them to reclaim “fatness” as something sexy and sexual, as being called a cow is often synonymous with being called fat.


For those that are in the dominant role doing the lactating, they are often aroused by the power and control over a person, and this can be seen as an addition to any BDSM scene. One benefit of lactation is that during the process women’s breasts get larger, which is pretty enjoyable to many farmers. More broadly, men are known to have breastfeeding fetishes and lactation fetishes, so milking a women cow almost seems like a natural expression of this.


In an article discussing Hucow fetish on Bustle, it was pointed out objectifying a cow may be even more powerful than objectifying a person. Cows have use beyond just being milked; meaning they may also get cut up and consumed by a person. This is the ultimate objectification, as the HuCow is embodying a character who is solely there to be used and eaten by the farmer. When you really think of it, a cow is like the Rolls Royce of objectification. So it makes sense that folks that are aroused by objectifying bodies, would be particularly into bodies who are playing the role of a cow.


There are a number of variations regarding what happens during HuCow play. The basic premise is that a woman is dressed like a cow, often also in fetish gear. The dominant partner, often dressed like a farmer, may enter the scene, hold down the cow and milk her.

For women who are breastfeeding, the milking happens easily. However, for a lot of women after they give birth they might need to take a minute before becoming a submissive cow, therefore many folks who have this fetish are not currently breastfeeding. For those that aren’t breastfeeding, there are ways to induce laceration including taking supplements such as fenugreek powder, using a breast pump, as well as certain types of manual stimulation and suckling.

Even with all of this preparation and numerous sites devoted to helping folks stimulate lactation, forc ing lactation is often difficult to achieve. In fact, HuCow porn often uses fake lactation shots for this reason! Once a woman is lactating the milking can be done either with the farmer's hands, through sucking her breasts with their mouth or via a breast pump. They may also engage in intercourse before, during or after the lactation often with the farmer taking control over the cow and making them do what they want.


So what do you think? Maybe the HuCow scene is something you want to explore. As I often remind people during my classes on sexuality, never yuck someone's yum. Personally, I totally can see the appeal of HuCow for specific folks, as there is such a large number of fetishes that it combines. It combines the control and submission in BDSM scenes, with lactation fetish, objectification and role play.

Is anyone on here into HuCow? What about it turns you on?

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