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sex with aliens


They can visit you at night


your closed eyes

hard light flashes

some kind of energy field


you hear something surrounding you

a kind of magnetic field noise

in crescendo

your bed sheets in movement

an imposible activity

something someone approaches

finately her alien female body

starts his densiification

in our 3D world

in your bed

above you

brutal telepathic connection

her tender voice

in your head:

"be quiet, do not move

don't turn around

to look at me.."

only for a moment

just the time

to penetrate you,

male or female,

with her tender

whole nude body




you feel





a thousand lights explosion

in your head

after that

she takes you in a fly

to an other dimension

to her world

other sisters are waiting for you

take a deep brathe

the game has only just begun

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Virtual tantra


It’s well known that self-love has become a Tantric practice. Based on this point, cyber sex is a solo technique of sexual energy exchange. “Through Tantra, we can come to understand that we are ourself the source of sexual energy and that the other is only triggering what is already in us. At the deepest Tantric levels, then, there is no longer me, you, or the attraction between us. All are connected in a global Oneness (or in a cosmic orgy, if that is your preference,)” says Ivo Quartiroli in his book The Digitally Divided Self: Relinquishing our Awareness to the Internet. So, cybersex is broadening the possibilities of sexual energy exchange and transformation. It doesn’t really matter on the path of self-discovery if your partner is a human or a sexual toy.

Ivo Quartiroli assures, “Through cybersex meetings, which are almost exclusively with partners who are strangers, we can even approach a Tantric attitude where young, old, beautiful, ugly, thin or fat no longer matter. We flow with the pure sexual energy. We can even export that same attitude to our offline life. Tantra is about “not choosing”, merging with the sexual energy in itself. Preferences about body shape are seen as the mental constructions that they are. But widening our connection beyond the mental preferences can happen only after we have a matured heart center and the capacity to fully experience our bodily sensations. It does not support either factor.”

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Tantra virtual

El cibersexo es una técnica individual de intercambio de energía sexual. “A través del Tantra, podemos llegar a comprender que nosotros mismos somos la fuente de energía sexual y que el otro solo está activando lo que ya está en nosotros. En los niveles tántricos más profundos, entonces, ya no soy yo, tú o la atracción entre nosotros. Todos están conectados en una Unidad global (o en una orgía cósmica, si esa es su preferencia) ”, dice Ivo Quartiroli en su libro T the Digitally Divided Self: Renunciando a nuestra Conciencia a Internet . Entonces, el cibersexo está ampliando las posibilidades de intercambio y transformación de energía sexual.

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tantric sexual fire

a tantric sexual energy caption

the impressive beauty of the ascending sexual fire: kundalini or the sacred serpent


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How did a tantric orgasm looks like?

This is a tantric orgasm image

the beauty of a perfect sexual energy stream: kundalini fire


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plaisir double


she is bored and unsatisfied

return to the sleeping cabin to give here some sexual pleasure

if you are able to forget your damn dish

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