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New Server Infrastructure

Hey there,

Today we made a major and necessary step forward in order to maintain the quality of our service on our fast-growing platform.

We just moved and updated our whole server infrastructre. Because of the complexity of this process, there might be unpredictable problems. In fact, our website should work as before, but please excuse possible hiccups.

The new infrastructre will allow us to extend our services and launch new features.

We are now more than ever prepared for the future, so enjoy the site and stay tuned…

With love, fuckbook

  • Support: We know about this problem and we are sorry for the inconviences. We are still thinking about a system, how we can delete all these profiles. Please contact support, if you see a spammer or report him or her!
  • juicymohan: Everytime I login in it delays if I leave my page going to another I can't upload my pictures from my phone anymore it just plan gives me hell I use to like the site and stay on here everyday but now its not worth the time sometimes
  • Support: @juicymohan: do you have an iPhone? Because Apple does not support uploading pictures on our site, but if you want, you can send it to us and we will upload them for you.
  • sm00th07: this is for bullshit games .. im off this
  • chuckychase2187: No one is real on here and wants to fuck
  • amanda007: nice
  • Horny_01: Hey fuckbook..... When did u start offering webcam service???? If u didn't then u might check out my inbox... If u have access to evwryones email, as I got sent an ail from someone claiming to be fuckbook …
  • Horny_01: Oh wow.... And it even tells me that if I don't sign up for this free web can service then my account will be suspended and or deleted.... Gee I smell lawsuit..... Lol
  • hornykevin24: how i can chat room
  • Support: @Horny_01: We are very sorry for this! We know about this profiles claiming to be an … we see one, we delete it immediately. In the near future we will mark all … with a special symbol. Please stay tuned and disregards these messages.
  • Sephina: What mishrakunai said lol notification bar we need and a mobile version also you should do some advertising or something because I'm tired of the webcammers I need people who dtf irl
  • Sephina: You know what you know how when you post pics and stuff and people can comment? You really need to set up a notification where you can see who and when people comment on something and also a quote feature! And you should be notified if ur quoted! Also you need a like/thumbs up or whatever for individual comments, statuses and etc!
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