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Spreading Love and Orgasms on Valentine's Day

If you have ever felt anxiety or pressure to have a specific kind of Valentine's Day think back to its roots. Before hallmark amplified the importance of Valentine's Day to sell cards there was a festival that started around 44 B.C called the Roman Festival of Lupercalia. This was a fertility festival celebrated from Feb. 13 to 15. During the festival women would get (consensually?) whipped with the hides of slain animals and a matchmaking lottery would take place where people would be sexually paired up with the person whose name they drew.

Valentine’s Day started as a place for sexual exploration! As a result, it seems that Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to focus on pleasure, connection, good feelings, and exploration.

How can we make this day a little bit sweeter?


Fuck the pressure

I remember dragging myself to go on a first date with a dude on Valentine’s Day just because I didn’t want to be alone. I’ve felt the urge to have sex with my partner because it was Valentine's Day, even if I were bloated, on my period and didn’t really feel like it. Don’t let greeting card companies dictate what you do on Valentine’s Day; do whatever feels right for you. If that’s ordering a pizza and watching some porn, that’s totally fine!


Focus on pleasure

Spend an hour doing something that gives you pleasure. That could mean anything from viewing some thrilling wanking material to playing with a fun new sex toy. If you are with a partner this can involve sharing something that turns you on and see if your partner might be up to it.


Treat Yourself

I am one of those people that refuses to pay an extra $3 to put avocado on my burger even though it will make it SO MUCH BETTER. I suggest that on Valentine's day you do the sexual version of avocado. Regardless of your gender and your financial situation there are many ways to do this. For example, without shame, you can quieten all distractions and dedicate a couple of hours to talking to sexy strangers on the internet and having a few orgasms!


Be Open to Newer Experiences

When we are online dating we often have a go-to method for meeting people. Maybe you only look at people that are located near you, or that have a particular physique or style. Valentine's Day could be a fun time to broaden your horizons. Perhaps talk to some folks living in the country you always fantasized about moving to. Instead of finding someone attractive to masturbate with, make a challenge where you both film a movie for each other and say the other person's name while you cum. By breaking your patterns and thinking outside your normal routine you may be able to create a fun new experience for yourself!


Do Something Sweet

A lot of us are on Fuckbook for sex-related stuff, that’s why we are here and not on Facebook looking at pictures of someone’s kid or a delicious-looking pasta. However, that doesn’t necessitate that all conversations have to be purely sexual. A lot of us feel really alone on Valentine's Day and something as small as commenting on someone's photo telling them that they look beautiful or expressing that you would like to buy someone flowers before you fucked them hard, could go a long way. Fuck it, maybe even go the extra mile and send a sexy internet stranger some actual flowers.


Everyone is capable of saying a big ‘Fuck You’ to pressure and enjoying Valentine's day however they want to, and thus spreading some love and orgasms along the way!

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