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This is a weird fucking time, and by that I mean it is a weird time for fucking. Casual encounters have become difficult and risky, and many of us have decided to get to know somebody a little bit better before meeting up in real life; if that is even possible right now. It can feel awkward to meet someone you don’t know and yet feel comfortable chatting and getting to know each other without any expectations or commitment to the outcome. Having a shared activity makes it easier to get to know someone and can make online encounters more fun.

Here are some examples of fun and sexy games you can play online while getting to know someone:

Would you rather

This is a fun way to assess somebody's sexual preferences. Basically you pick two fun (or awful!) experiences and the other person had to decide which one they would do. Then partners switch and keep it going. For example… “would you rather have slow, intimate sex or rough, fast sex?”; “Would you rather have to teach a class with anal beads in your butt, or call your mom while getting your pussy licked?”


Play an online game with a sexy twist

Play online pac-man, checkers or chess but ramp it up with high stakes. You could play a strip version where every time somebody loses a round they have to take off a layer of clothing. Another option is to play the truth or dare version, where every time somebody loses a round, the other person gets to ask them a truth or dare question.

Two truths and a lie

This is a classic where both people share two sexual truths and one lie about themself. It is the other person’s task to guess which one is the lie. This game is great because it helps you learn what types of experiences the person you are talking to you has had. I squirted the first time I masturbated, I am wearing anal beads right now, or I had sex in a rainforest. Can anyone guess which one is the lie?


Finish the sentence

This is a nice easy starter game where one person starts a sentence and the other person finishes it in a way that feels right to them. For example, “It makes me really horny when (the other person finishes the sentence)”; “I like to watch ”; “My favorite body part is”, you get the idea I am sure.

Orgasm games

There are tons of fun orgasm games you can play online. You could both vow to orgasm at the same time. Even if you are not talking at that moment, you can plan for both of you to be masterbating at exactly 12:33. It can be really arousing to know that someone else is having an orgasm at the same moment as you. You could also have an orgasm race. One, two, three, GO! Winner gets to cum sooner!

Create your own adventure

Remember those books you used to read when you were younger? You can create the adult sexy version. In this game one person takes the lead by setting out a series of options, and the other person has to decide what they should do. For example, “I’m currently hanging at home. Should I eat a sandwich or watch some porn? Ok good choice, I am now watching porn, should I use by vibrator or touch myself manually. Ok I’m getting close with my vibrator, should I cum or keep teasing myself?”

Make a sexy playlist

This is a fun one. You can create a shared playlist and add songs that you find sexy! This helps you learn about their musical taste and a bit about the rhythm they like to fuck to. You can celebrate the completion of the playlist by listening to it together while you video sex chat.


Erotic story game

It can be surprisingly fun to write an erotic story for an online stranger. Maybe you could ask them to share three things they like and then structure the story around that. You get to practice your writing, and get to know them sexually. A lot of women prefer reading erotica to video porn, so reading your story is a good way to get her juices flowing.

Happy gaming!

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