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How to give a memorable as fuck blow job


Only give a blow job when you're in the mood

When I’m in the mood I LOVE giving head. However, I think it’s important for us to only suck dick when we are really aching for it. The mediocre blow jobs I have given have all been when I went for it when I wasn’t fully in the mood. Maybe you aren’t in the mood because you are worried about something in your relationship, or have a stomach ache, or your partner smells bad. If it’s easily fixable do it, if not then hold off. It’s better to give one amazing blow job a week than three half arsed ones.

Start the tease before you are in person

Technology has added a new element to sexual anticipation. I often know when I’m going to give someone a blow job days or at least hours before and I find it super hot to get your partner thinking about the experience that is cumming their way. If you trust your partner you could message them some sexy pictures of you, to get them fantasizing about your body. You could also tell them why you are excited to have their cock in your mouth, and what exactly you are going to do with it. For example, you could say that you can’t wait to rub their cock all over your face before slowly choking on it. Or you could mention a previous encounter that was memorable. For example,” remember how wet my pussy was last time you came all over my tits, tonight I want you to cum on my face.” This will get them fantasizing about the experience to build anticipation so that it’s even more exciting when it finally happens.

Tease when you are in non-sexual situations

If you are hanging out in public pre-blow job, begin the tease. Make sexy eye’s at your partner. Whisper in their ear what you are going to do to them when you get home. If you feel comfortable, makeout or go to the bathroom and give them a tiny taste of what is coming.

Take your time

In the movies and pornography they often show a couple making out for 30 seconds before they rip each others clothes off and start going at it. This can sometimes be fun, however I find that the best orgasms often involve a slow buildup of excitement. The art of being a sultry secutionist is to get your partner thinking about your next move before you make it. This means if you are going to suck their dick in the next few minutes, don’t go right for the gold. Kiss for a while until you both get turned on. Once you can feel them start to get hard rub yourself against their dick. Start feeling their hips, and get closer and closer to their cock until they are aching for it. Then slowly put their fingers in your mouth and suck on them foreshadowing the way you are going to suck their cock. While their pants are still on start gently start feeling their cock bulging out of their pants, before slowly taking their pants off. If you want to be a huge tease put the tip of their dick in your mouth with their boxers on before slowly taking them off.

Try new techniques

I love starting to suck a dick really slowly, by just putting the tip in my mouth and then really slowly I go deeper and deeper until the whole thing is in my mouth. Also, if you enjoy this, I find it drives men crazy when you spit on their dick and slowly rub it all over your face. If you are the type to get noticeably wet tell your partner how wet sucking their dick is making you and let them feel you. Use suction. Especially if you partner is particularly huge or if you don’t enjoy deepthroating, try using your hands to rub the bottom of their cock while you suck on the tip.

Another trick, given to us by member 'Slutwife-in-Training', is “if you can get his head in your throat swallow repeatedly. It will feel like you’re milking him and he’ll love it.”

Don’t forget the balls I find that about 40% of men are ambivalent about the balls, 10% of men hate it and 50% of dudes love ball play. You could either ask them if they enjoy having their balls played with, or begin by very gently playing with their balls and asses their response. If it is positive, then you can squeeze their balls, llick them or put them in your mouth. Our very own 'Unquenchable_2' suggests 'mix up a dirty sloppy blow job by using your hand on his wet shaft and moving your mouth down under his balls'. Personally, I love squeezing the balls while the tip of their cock is in my mouth and my other hand is gently rubbing their shaft.

What about the butt?

As a result of our shitty hetero-normative society many straight men may be hesitant to engage in butt play. Before going for it, I suggest verbally asking how they feel about including their butt in the fun. For some men, what feels good is putting your hands near their butt but not inside, kind of like your hand is acting like a G string. This can be done while you touch or suck their cock. Also, the area called the perineum between the butt and the genitals loves to be gently stroked. If a dude is open to engaging the butt in a more straightforward way put some lube on your hands and slowly insert a finger while playing with their dick, if they can handle that add a second or a third (or a dildo!).


These men have been living with their dicks their whole life and you are both just getting acquainted, It makes sense that the dick owners may be able to offer some advice regarding what feels good for them. 'Slutwife-in-training' suggests that as the guy knows what feels best for them she “lets the guy take control and guide it all.” In my experience, this move is not for those with a gag reflex, but dudes love taking control in this way. Another way to surmise their preferences is to ask them what they enjoy, or as you are sucking their cock check in with them. Do they want it softer or harder? Which spot feels good? Of course, a lot of this can be surmised by their non-verbal cues, but verbal is the most clear and also sexy. If you love the way their cock feels inside your mouth, moan so that they know you are enjoying what’s happening and tell them how fucking good their dick feels inside your mouth.

by Niki 'the blow fish' Davis-Fainbloom, resident sex guru.

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  • bri127g: As a man, the best advice I can give women, is just to simply ask what he likes. Ask the man what feels good. Different people like different things. And i'm always happy to make a woman feel good, I just ask!!!
  • roddys69: Great wisdom words. Asking is the number one most important key. But there needs a level of comfort on both sides to really trust and open up and be honest. It does work both ways.
  • treeman222: 🥵👍🏽👍🏽
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