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Does Hugh need chocolate when he gets the Bunnies?

I've been lying awake thinking about Easter and Mr. Hugh Hefner. Sometimes I ponder the details of this man's life and how wonderful it must be. Last night I wondered in particular about Easter at Hugh's mansion. Does the man who is surrounded in play bunnies receive chocolate at Easter or does he simply indulge in the bunnies themselves?

As I drifted back to sleep my imagination took over...


"Good Morning and Happy Easter Darling!" I opened my eyes to a sprite-ly young blonde looking teasingly adorable in fluffy pink bunny ears and little else. Her massive cleavage grazed my chest as she leant in kiss my cheek, and my dick swelled with lust as I took her over sized breasts in my hands and squeezed before returning a kiss upon her perky nipple.

"Oh Hugh! Dont get too carried away just yet. I still have my Easter gift for you" and she smiled coyly before swinging her body around doggy style and hovering her delicious pussy above my face. There neatly sitting between her lips at the entrance to what I desired most was a single chocolate egg.

"Oh Baby girl, you certainly know how to make a man happy" and before she could answer my mouth approached its prize. My tongue scooped against her open pussy, the chocolate soft and gooey from her body heat. I felt her move slightly, enjoying the pleasurable sensation of my tongue stroking and dipping into her. The more I ate the more I tasted her saltiness come through and as I realised her wetness I moved my hand over her clitoris and gave her a firm circular rub. Almost instantly she groaned her pushed her pussy harder against my face.

'Fuck chocolate', I thought 'give me bunny pussy any day'

Needless to say I had my way with that girl in my dream. Damn, what a delicious mess that girl made of me!

However you spend Easter Fuck book hopes that each of you get your fill of something delicious; and if you get the opportunity, make us proud and fuck horny rabbits!

  • JAZNBourne

    Hugh Hefner should be canonized in 3D on April 27 along with John XXIII and John Paul II.
#Aftersex Selfies

Although I would like to claim responsibility for encouraging the Selfie Revolution last week it would be dishonest of me to do so; however I was delighted to see treading on Instagram this week- #Aftersex. It seems people from all walks of life captured and shared after sex selfies with their unsuspecting friends and family without warning and with mixed responses.

It would be my opinion that Instagram is certainly not the place for such images. For goodness sake the staff of IG cant bare to allow an exposed nipple let alone delve deeper into the murky waters of sex selfies. No, no…. these things are much better left to Fuckbook. A place where we appreciate when our … they get some real sex as opposed to chatting about it or simulating it via cam. In fact I would insist you share more my friends…. Perhaps then all the poorly spoken men who complain via blog that no one responses to their ‘Fuck me’ requests might see that nice men do win the race; and there is certainly some hot steamy sex going on behind the scenes.

I did spend some time today scrolling through the feed of #aftersex images; and Ive put together a small sample for you, everything from the casual intimate:


And then there are always the jokers…


Kudos to these guys… while I hope their Mother’s aren't following their IG feeds their images are less confronting then the above profiles. And then as you would expect there are the people who are plain bizarre or get it wrong.


Yes that is a horse’s head on the far left. Why she agreed Ill never know. To the guy in the middle I would simply say “Buddy, we all know its you taking the photo. It’s a selfie. Faking sleep while taking a selfie makes you look like a moron. Sorry” and to the fellow in image number three… come to Fuckbook darling… you’ll find men slightly less creepy here.

Last of all… is the desperate and pathetic. My dear girl who faked #aftersex by poorly photoshopping her face over another lying with Bradley Cooper. Nothing ‘Candid’ about it. Some crazes are not worth looking silly over.


Now while I would expect most mainstream blogs to report on how society is becoming more narcissistic and this trend is a tad icky; Im going to go out on a limb and say I think there is a time and a place for the #aftersex selfie (and in my opinion Instagram is not it). I like looking at the secret photo on my phone of my lover and I with crazy sexed up hair and contented grins. It brings a smile to my face to see the image we took of our feet together at the end of the bed, because it reminds me of a bond we share and the way he makes my legs shake like no other. In some way is this not the trophy prize to the sexy selfie? That someone has seen our attractiveness and wants to keep it for him/herself? It means all those public displays of sexiness were not in vain; and while we all hope that our sweetheart’s cherish our brains and connect with us on a deeper level isn’t it nice to know they are our biggest fans and proud to be caught digitally in that moment. Let me suggest that the @aftersex selfie is best when it is kept as a … to ourselves (and perhaps special Fuckbook friends) to remind us of that moment in time when the big “O” put a glow on our face and all was at peace within our sexy world.


  • Mr_Bombastik

    Personally I think all aftersex selfies are good they tell something about the persons in them, even somebodys face photoshoped onto a picture of somebody lieing with celebrity tells something about their desires!
The Sexy Selfie

Its Monday morning, I’ve showered, dressed and in the kitchen preparing breakfast; as I bend into the corner cupboard for my saucepan I feel my lace knickers ride into my backside and instantly think ‘Mmm.. this could make a very hot Fuckbook photo’. Am I becoming ‘selfie’ obsessed?! My naughty ‘selfie’ collection hidden on the hard drive at the back of my wardrobe might suggest so, although a quick glance at Instagram and I realize I’m not alone. What was once a creative feed for avid photographers is now an array of duck faces and bouncy round butts (now lovingly referred to as the ‘belfie’). Not that I particularly mind however it’s my observation that the ‘sexy selfie’ is no longer a quiet thing for the minority but something embraced by the majority with us documenting even the most mundane of daily chores carefully styled to accentuate the cleavage and capture the wicked … in our eye that suggests its more than the icing from the cake we would like to be licking from the tip of our finger.

Now I am by no means criticizing this movement; I’m charging forward from the front of the pack. If Perez Hilton is to be believed we are soon to see #SSS (Sex Selfie Sunday) taking the place of #TBT (Throw Back Thursday).

But why are we doing it?! Is it that we are a more sexually open society? Is it that it creates a sense of sexual liberty? Truth is there is nothing new about it, technology has just made it easier to take photos of ourselves having sex without having to pick the prints up from the pharmacy three days later shame faced. Perhaps we take more because we have more control over how we present ourselves with the forward facing camera, instant viewing options and endless photo apps making photo editing a breeze with the perfect filter for every occasion and mood. Of course we want to portray a flattering image of ourselves and we expect encouragement and affirmation when we share these images in social media; I do however object the notion that we must meet society’s version of perfect in every image and I do like the suggestion that all ‘selfies’ should be hash tagged ‘VAIN’.

There have been blogs written criticizing this trend claiming that it pushes unreal expectations on women leaving them feeling not “good enough, pretty enough, and skinny enough”. However on a place like Fuckbook I would argue that all forms of beauty are embraced and it is a way to express and celebrate individuality.

You may have seen the new Fuckbook image “Fuckbook Encourages Shameless Selfies”, and honestly speaking it is sex selfie heaven online here for both voyeurs and exhibitionists alike so I thought I’d end this blog by giving you a few of my tips tips on how to take a good selfie.

1- Use natural lighting. Sunshine is a photographers best friend and the light is at its best when its low in the sky. Go towards the light and face towards the sun. It’s more flattering than artificial light. Never take a backlit photo, it creates shadows that are becoming to no one.

2- Know your good angles. Sometimes a slight twist to the side can give your waist a kinder appearance. Although duck faces are definitely best left to the girls in high school, a slight pout will accentuate your cheek bones. Highlight your best features, no one is telling you that you must take a photo of every part of your body. Tease them with your best bits and leave the rest for the imagination.

3- For facial shots, Hold the camera slightly higher rather than lower; and Men (according to research from the University of British Columbia) should keep their expression brooding. Smiling men look friendly, but serious guys look hot, the study found.

4- Think about your background. If you insist on taking your selfies from your bedroom please take a few moments to tidy your room first. A messy background can be distracting and sometimes quite off putting, no one wants to see what a grub you are. Think about what might be a subtle interest to look at, such as sex toys casually displayed on the bed but keep in clean and interesting.

5- Play around with photo editing apps. Nearly always your photo is going to improve with a filter. There is no longer a reason to post a photo displaying a bright red pimple when it can be removed effortlessly with one of these apps. Crop the image to flatter and balance the focal point of the photo. Everyone is doing it.. don’t be shy.. be creative!

Fuckbook would be a dull place without the enjoyment of sharing sexy selfies. I think we would all agree Sex Selfies are so much better than the oversharing trend of food porn. So dare I declare, “LONG LIVE THE SEXY SELFIE!”image

Apps to improve your sex life.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve set myself up with the laptop on the coffee table, complete with a tasty looking antipasto and a cold pear cider. While I wait for my lux work station to inspire me I wonder what knowledge I have to impart for this week’s blog when conveniently I receive a text message from my friend with a “WTF?!” and a link to an app.

So my inspiration has come… and after some research on my tablet here is my list of apps that wont only entertain you but also give you a few pointers to improving your sex life.

{Please note: Fuckbook is in no way affiliated or associated with these applications, nor does it promote or endorse the products or … they provide. }


If you want to be a master at oral this is the app for you to practice those finer tongue skills. When you visit you a greeted with a friendly tongue encouraging you to cover your device in plastic wrap before licking the screen to begin. You then select an exercise you would like to practice. How many times can you flick the light switch or sharpen the pencil using only your tongue? While there isnt a whole lot of content, it makes up for it in entertainment value. The graphics are attractive, it has a fun user friendly interface and definitely worth a look.



This is a perfect app for standing out from the crowd on Fuckbook. Every girl loves a guy who can make her smile and giggle; and this app has some of the funniest, cheesiest, sleaziest and weirdest pick up lines you’ll ever hear. A few of my personal favourites, “If stars would fall everytime I would think of you, the sky would soon be empty.” or “There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good you look.” Know someone into Harry Potter, Twilight, Mario Bros, Superman or Star Wars? They have all them covered too, “I may look like an Ewok, but I’m all wookie where it counts baby.”

Not getting responses from emails on Fuckbook.. try a few of these beauties.. they may not get you to third base but they are sure to start conversations. The only one I don’t recommend, “Earth woman, prepare to be probed!”


The title is self explanatory, this app provides a list of sex positions for the car, each rated out of five with a basic visual and text guide. This is a fairly basic app but I enjoyed flicking through the positions even if some … slightly ambitious like ‘Front and Centre’ where the man kneels from the back seat and sticks his cock through the space between the front seats towards his partner backing up doggy style. To be fair I find the idea of car sex exciting and I am enthusiastic to try a few with my lover on the backseat.



This is a fun app… I smiled instantly. Select the number of rounds you wish to play with your lover, enter your names and random foreplay acts for each player are suggested. You are given a minimum and maximum time frame for each and once you hit start you can’t proceed to the next task until the bells sounds for the end of time.

The suggestions are simple, yet fun and creative; such as, “Have Chris blindfold you. Have him place a drop of honey below his waist and lay down on his back. Your job is to search his body with your tongue and mouth for that drop.”

This is an app I would definitely keep on my phone… lots of erotic ideas on this app. It’s sure to bring extra fun to the bedroom and put you in the mood for some great sex. It could also be the perfect icebreaker for that first encounter.



This app is ideal when you want to get out of the habit of using the same sex position every time. The range is large enough to be considerable and worthwhile (about 60 positions) and there are many examples away from the mainstreams classics you’d expect. I found the descriptions well written and liked that they explained the position as well as the benefits. I also liked that you could bookmark positions as ‘to-do’, ‘tried’ or ‘favorite’. In all honesty there are a tonne of similar apps available, all that varies is the number of positions, quality of illustrations and how annoying the ads/spam can be, but this to me was one of the better apps of this type available.


Have fun

  • Arana89

    this is really good! thanks for sharing.
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As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback.


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  • andyy32

    i agree with sometimesexual and rhys75
  • Mr_JP

    Make it so that people have a criteria for their match and when you search you can filter out people whos criteria you dont match (and people who dont match your own) with two separate options for the buttons , this save alot
  • Mr_JP

    of time
Club Fuck

My eyes were glued to the hem of her dress as I mentally begged her to pick up the straw that had just fallen to the floor beside her; and it must have been my lucky day as I watched, seemingly in slow motion, as her leg muscles stretched and her body tilted to the ground. Just as I had hoped the hem line lifted long enough for me to get a … and almost spill my drink as her plump pussy lips presented themselves to me. The sex gods must have been smiling at me, what are the odds that she wouldn’t be wearing any panties!? Delicious. I could feel my cock swelling.

Unbeknownst to me while my eyes were still downcast focused on her curvy backside she was watching me with amusement. Perhaps there was drool at the corner of my mouth… shit! Anyone would be forgiven for drooling after catching an eyeful of her pussy. Thankfully her smile alleviated any awkwardness and she motioned with her finger for me to come over to her. Conscious of the gigantic boner between my legs I did my best casual walk towards her, trying desperately to hide my eagerness. As I approached she smiled again, “I think after that you might owe me a drink” her tone was playful and light and her eyes were begging for a fuck.

“With pleasure” I responded, “What do you drink my lady?”

“Cointreau, Lemon and Lime, please” she said.

When I returned she was perched on a bar stool and her companions were entertaining each other on the dance floor. “Thank you” her long slender arm took the drink as I held it out to her. “So I assume from the look on your face earlier that you saw I’m not wearing any underwear.” I couldn’t manage any words but I sensed my face heat up almost instantly, “and I would guess from the bulge in your trousers that you didn’t mind the view either.” She giggled and I felt her hand confidently reach out to cup my swollen cock. All I could bring myself to do was stand there and watch her eyes has she clearly enjoyed her dominant position. Mustering my own courage I slid my hand from her knee along the inside of her silky thigh pausing at the apex of her legs before searching her eyes for approval to move deeper. Her smile gave me the permission I desired and I moved closer to her stool to allow a little privacy as my finger slid into her pussy. Fuck! She was ready. The sticky wetness on my fingers reached my nose with that familiar sweet but musky sex smell. Her slipperiness was so sexy and enabled me to slide around freely with ease on her clit, noticing as I did so her legs spread more, oblivious to the other patrons around us and the tiniest of moans escaped her mouth.

“Follow me” I stood and took her by the hand and made my way quickly to the back entrance of the club. Once out the door I scanned the area for a place among the shadows before dragging her in front of me and lifting her skirt to her waist. She found a tree to lean against as I knelt before her and ran my tongue between her legs. At this point I needed desperately to unzip my jeans and let myself spring free. I was throbbing and desperate to fuck her juicy hole. But first things first; looking up at her face I licked her again; flicking my tongue around, flirting with her clit and enjoying watching her nose crinkle as she absorbed the pleasure. My finger found its place again, entered her and began rubbing the front inner wall of her pussy with immediate effect. My sexy lady groaned and pushed herself against my hand. I rubbed my face against her allowing her to grind herself against me. She smelt so good. She tasted so good. She felt so fucking good…

So I flipped her over, arse bent towards me, her hands steading herself against the tree and as I positioned myself in front of her wet hole I gave her few cock slaps against her clit before penetrating her. I held her hips firm as I fucked that girl hard and I watched as her butt cheeks wobbled with each thrust. Spreading my legs wider I reached under her dress for her breasts, freeing them from her bra and cupping them in my hands. Her nipples were hard sitting in between my fingers and it made me rise again to the occasion. My thrusts grew faster and pushed deeper. She could no longer keep quiet and her cries told me she was close to orgasm. I moved my hands again to her hips as I felt her legs go weak beneath me and in a moment she exploded around me, her legs trembling as her pussy convulsed around my cock sending me over the edge. With two last pushes I found my release deep inside her creamy pussy, my hand giving her clit a hard rub causing her to almost buckle in pleasure and pain. “FUCK!” she screamed, her legs still shaking.

I was done. I wondered if it was too late to ask for her name and number. That was certainly a pussy I will never forget.

Valentine's Day

I wonder what others think about the subject of love. Even on a website like this love can’t be completely avoided nor can it be ever entirely removed from our sexual lives. As a romantic I often reflect on Valentine’s Day. I am somewhat idealistic when it comes to relationships and unfortunately I set a truly high standard when it comes to my boyfriends and each and every time they fail miserably to meet my expectation which leaves me discouraged and disheartened. What I cannot settle with myself is, are my expectations for my Prince Charming simply too high; or have I just not met and known true love.

I believe what you put into your life determines what you get out of life. If you work hard you can achieve whatever your heart desires. But how much work is there in true love? Does true love happen regardless of circumstance or actions? Do those who know true love need to put less effort into maintaining that relationship?

The older I get the more I am convinced love is purely about finding a good personality match, combined with a physical attraction, topped with someone who is willing to meet your emotional, physical (and sometimes spiritual) needs. I read a book many years ago which helped me put a lot of things into a better perspective; the book is called “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. To summarize Gary categorizes the way individuals like (or need) to be loved into:

  1. Words of Affirmation

  2. Quality Time

  3. Receiving Gifts

  4. Acts of …

  5. Physical Touch

Each are pretty self-explainary and if you don’t immediately identify your own love language there are questionnaires you can do to determine yours. Most people will have a strong top two languages, meaning they feel loved most when shown love in their language. For example, My top two love languages are ‘Words of Affection’ and ‘Physical Touch’, if my partner was to wash the dishes for me (and it should be noted here that we usually GIVE love out in the way we like to RECEIVE love) I would not necessarily subconsciously receive this as an act of affection as ‘Act of … is my lowest ranking love language. However, if he was to come home and greet me with a kiss and express in words how he has missed me that day he would be meeting my love languages and I would feel a million dollars and loved. It’s not an unfamiliar thing to hear a woman complain “You just don’t seem to care anymore” to which the man is baffled because he has lavished her with expensive gifts regularly; when perhaps all she desired was to spend quality time together. The point I am trying to make here is that we need to understand how our partner needs to be loved in order to have a mutually edifying and emotionally satisfying relationship.

I could determine from his that love is simply a choice. You met Mr. Sexy, you two get along well and the friendship develops naturally. Would it be simplifying love too much to conclude that love is simply the next step of a) deciding on embarking on a sexually intimate relationship; b) committing to trying to meet the other person’s emotional love needs; and c) opening your own heart to receiving love in return?

So why then do so many of us find love so hard?

I sadly feel that perhaps it is because each of us come with our own wounds which prevent us from risking unconditional love. We come guarded, fearful of the hurt we knew in the past and self-protection can bring an air of selfishness to a new relationship.

There is a song written and sung by Ben Harper called ‘Beloved One’. I love this song because it describes two people who have been hurt in love before and therefore are reluctant to go down that path again. Yet they just delight in each other so much they can trust to “keep each other safe from harm”. Its love described at its best. “Your heart has a home in mine. We won’t have to say a word. With a touch all shall be heard. When I search my heart it’s you I find.” Sometimes it seems even when we are on guard and we don’t choose love; our hearts choose love for us.

So how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? If there is a special someone in your life are you thinking about rejecting Valentine’s Day as commercial nonsense, going through the motions of a … and flowers, or are you taking the time to think how best you can meet your lover’s needs? Being one who values Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch I’m hoping my main man showers me with sweet whispers of endearment while getting naked on my bed.

Happy Valentine’s Day dear Fuckbookers. May each of you be loved the way your heart desires today.

  • Horny_01

    @fuckbook. Can you give Us the option to not show pinned items on our home page (feed). I really dont care who pins items of people on my friends list. Nor do I want to see a bunch of dicks staring at me of the people who pinned items. Just because I have someone as a friend, I dont give a damn who pins Their stuff.
  • dgux69

    Do we really need a specific day to show our love ? Wouldn't be better to get the one we love to know more often about our feelings ? Personally I think we should rename Valentine's Day to "Florist Day", it would rather reflect the reality.
  • threesome_hunter

    ^ Cheap git alert.
  • DP_Girl

    Personally I love that book. It helped me to love my husband better. I used to love him by what made me feel good and not his love language. It also made me realize who I am. I like spending time with those I love and I had no idea my sex craze addiction was linked to my physical love language. All I knew is that sex made me feel loved, I had no idea that is was my love language till I read the book. I highly suggest reading it to better know who you are and those around you!!
Don't dream it's over!

“How the hell does he do this to me?!” She thought as she listened to the click of the phone as he hung up. Only twice in her life could she remember a man wielding this much emotional control over her and it scared her as much as it infuriated her. To the rest of the world she was ambitious and confident, a woman with a sharp tongue but with a warmth and honesty that meant she could get along with anyone. Yet here she was, her stomach in a twist second guessing herself and a head spinning in fear.

His voice had had that familiar tense tone tonight, there was little playfulness and only rarely did he let his own guard down. She glanced at the book on her bedside table and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the realization she had her own fifty shades of fucked up. She had a man she was confident adored her, yet managed to keep her at an arm’s length and play only by his own rules even at the expense of her breaking heart.

She rolled over on her bed, her chest felt tight and her thoughts were consumed by him. She knew a part of his controlling temperament excited and challenged her; and yet he failed at having a heart to want to please her, or acknowledge and comfort her in her anxieties. A single tear rolled silently down her cheek and she closed her eyes to prevent another escaping.

She saw him in the darkness, his eyes brooding and dark. His no nonsense facial expression made her heart quicken and her breathing shallow. He was handsome, no question of that. How she longed for his touch. Instantly the impression shifted to him standing directly in front of her, his long fingers brushing a wayward curl from her cheek. Subconsciously she licked her lip, if only….

He leaned in, his eyes never parting from her own; the energy was fierce, the connection undeniable. As his lips pressed hard against hers, her mind was finally free from torment as she allowed herself to be swept into the moment. In that instant she finally recognized that he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. His tongue explored her mouth making her groin burn with desire for him. She felt his hands slide against the small of her back and slip under her top, working their way upward each finger outstretched and applying firm pressure as they travelled. One of his hands escaped swiftly before she felt it firmly plant itself on her arse. He gripped it hard, squeezing and groping her butt cheeks all the while continuing to kiss her fervently.

This was a moment she had dreamt of a thousand times, the way she felt consumed in his embrace, the softening of his eyes once he held her as his own; the quickening of his own heartbeat.

“Gosh girl, you don’t know what you do to me?” And without warning or hesitation he lifted her from her feet and planted her firmly on the kitchen table. He cupped her face gently in his hand before trailing soft kisses over her ear and delicately down her neck.

‘Oh damn’ just take me now’ her mind screamed as she began to pull at his shirt desperately removing it from his body before placing her own lustful hands on him. Parting her legs she pulled him in close pressing herself against him and for the first time she felt his erection hard against her. A smile spread across his face and a glint sparkled in his eye as he pulled away from her eagerness slightly. “Hold your horses there my beautiful girl.” He crooned. He continued with his kissing, lifting her shirt again to expose her erect nipples; plucking each of them between his lips. The pulling felt divinely erotic and caused her skin to tingle with delight. He paused momentarily to blow gently over her wet nipple before kissing it again and allowing his finger to trace the inside of her thigh down towards her underwear. Pulling them aside he slipped a finger into her. “Wow, someone is feeling turned on”, he stated with obvious amusement. She watched as he took the finger in his mouth to taste her wetness before returning it deep inside her. She wondered how on earth she was going to hold her orgasm. It felt so good she knew she could explode if she allowed it. She distracted herself by concentrating on undoing his zipper and watching his trousers fall to the floor. His finger moved in circles inside her while she impatiently pulled at his boxers, striping him naked before her. His penis stood solid and her mouth watered as she took in the sight of him.

“I want you now!” She said with the most confidence she could muster. He chucked, “ha, do you just?”….. “well it’s lucky for you that I want you just as badly” and with that he flipped her on the bench so her chest lay flat on the counter top and his penis poised at the entrance to her backside. With his hand firmly placed on her shoulder he drove himself into her wetness making her cry out in pleasure before he slowly withdrew and took a second deep plunge. He repeated, strong thrust inward, slow withdrawal over each time … up slightly until finally he had her firmly by the hips and she was at his mercy. She groaned as he continued to fill her, lifting her arse high to meet him with a firm slap.

“More baby, give me everything you’ve got” she whispered. He leaned in over her breathlessly spilling his words in her ear “Beautiful, for you anything” and they exchanged a kiss over her shoulder as they moved in rhythm.

Their kiss slipped into nibbles, tongue and bites as he pushed the final thrusts hard against her, her hips tilted to give him deep pleasure and her legs began to shake beneath him. She could feel his release and it was all she could handle before she let go of controlling herself and fell into waves of pleasure, convulsing around him as he came with her.

For a moment after they lay motionless and silent. Completely spent and satisfied.

As they did she became aware of lying motionless in her own bed. Her underwear wet from her fantasy. She glanced at her bedside table to see her phone once again vibrating. It was him calling.

“Good evening” her voice sounded husky from sleep.

“Hello beautiful, I know it’s late but I wanted to call you once more. I’ve thought about what you’ve said. You’re right and I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you and I don’t want to lose you.” His statement was soft but matter of fact. The no nonsense man she knew and was so fond of.

Her heart melted at his words.

“So you’ll come and be with me?”


And at that moment she felt a weight lift. With that single word he had silenced her fears.

It felt right. Not because it was perfect; but because it some strange way their combined flaws had arranged themselves in a way that they had become hinged together.

And the dream became a reality.