Photo Competition: Be ironic or iconic - Greek Gods of Love

Dear members of Fuckbook Heaven,

For our 14th Photo Competition we invite you to show us your goddess potential.

Keep in mind: Winged or not, warm hearted or not, the gods of love and desire would cause the greatest joy and the greatest pain among both Gods and humans – pretty much what happens around here as well

Be ironic or iconic!


Whatever you choose to be, please upload your ‚Gods of love‘ themed image to your profile and tag your photo #godsoflove and #FBPhotoComp14.


We prefer if you use your own images. After all, aren't we here to meet other people?! So play fair and enter a photo of yourself. If you insist on uploading internet found images please credit the source (dont claim it as your own, we arent that stupid) otherwise your photo will be excluded from the competition.

The "hottest" photo at close of competition Friday 1st of May will be declared the winner.

Entries must be still photography (no gifs or videos) and uploaded within the competition period.

For your online s/e/curity we recommend watermarking your images if you own them. There is a simple and free way to do this on:

Photos must remain within the terms and conditions of Fuckbook and photos shown to be in breach will be removed and the profile may be disabled or removed from Fuckbook.


Easter Photo Competition

Congratulations to Rainydaygirl for winning our 'Easter Bunny' photo competition.

Nice to see your Easter was a buzz


  • rainydaygirl

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments you rock!!
  • bahhab

    Grats Rainydaygirl!
  • awalker500

    mmmm wet pussy
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