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What to do if you're scammed.

Hopefully you never need this information, but it's helpful to know what should you do if you find yourself scammed by someone online.

If you find yourself unable to log into your profile, or someone else has logged in while you are online and is changing your profile details, please contact support@fuckbook.com so we can be alerted to the situation and assist you. Please be aware if your profile has been stolen that our automated system will recognize and disable your profile. We will then work with you to rectify the situation quickly.

Ideally, we would like you to have the knowledge to be able to avoid these scammers. So here are some important tips to keep in mind.

- If the person claims to be admin, do they have a Moderator badge? Look for the RED & WHITE shield next to the user name.


  • Do they invite you to verify, activate, confirm, register your profile via a link, email or another website? This is a SCAM. Ignore the conversation and report it to a Moderator or Fuckbook immediately.

  • Do they try to convince you that you need something else to complete your membership (hook up ID, Cam chat ID etc) This is a SCAM. Ignore the conversation and report it to a Moderator or Fuckbook immediately.

  • Do you meet someone to have her immediately request you move the conversation to Sk. yp.e, … or similar? Beware of giving your personal details to members you have just met. Do not offer your email address or phone number publicly unless you have established a trusting friendship.

  • NEVER give out your profile password, or credit card details to anyone.

When in doubt, contact an online Moderator or Fuckbook. Put any suspicious conversations on hold until you have spoken with someone who can assist you in identifying whether it is a scam.

We want Fuckbook to be a fun, safe community. Following the above guidelines will assist you in being a part of that.

Regards, Fuckbook


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  • VenomFan

    Why not disallow users to make a name that includes "Admin" or "Support" or stuff like that, unless they are an actual moderator? That alone would cut down on the number of scams. If a new user isn't aware of the ridiculous number of scammers there are, and they are contacted by someone with an "Admin" type name, they are much more likely to fall for the scam. Also, giving an explanation for the different icons when you sign up, or at least giving something under the Account and Info tag would be nice, instead of just waiting for a randomly timed explanation.
  • doggyslutk9

    Yeah but most of fuckbook is a scam, about 30% or more of the users say, or, have on their profile, YOUR location, when they are really from the Philippines. Too many fake accounts, in one instance i met a really nice girl, who was into what i was into, we talked and got on a chat program together - I asked her where she was from and she said new-york, when i checked her IP it said Philippines, 1 minute later i was banned. So fucking dumb how i get punished for being real and these bots and probably paid fake ass hoes can get on here and stay.
  • CorvetteSteve

    Yea .. there's a lot of fake cammers from the PI .. easy to spot.. Doggy what are you doing to quickly grab the ip while here?