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FB Blog Tip -Finding Friends

We understand finding true friends can be difficult on such a large adult site. So here's our top tips for finding someone who rocks your world.

1- Before you start searching make your profile interesting.

Let's all be honest, its hard to get excited about someone who shares nothing about who they are. So make sure you fill out your profile, add interesting photos, build a profile that reflects your personality.

2- Ask your current friends for introductions to their friends

A great way to build community online is no different from meeting people normally. Introduce each other, did you know you can add extra people to your instant chats? Take a sneek peak through other's friends lists, or take notice on who is actively commenting on profiles.

3- Search the new Profiles We Love pinboard on the Fuckbook profile.

Find our most active and creative members here, new members being added daily.

4- Be involved

If you want to be noticed you have to get involved. Writing blogs will provoke discussion; commenting on photos, status' etc, join a Fuckbook photo competition. All these things will help expose your profile and increase your chances in meeting new friends.

5- Watch your attitude

People are not generally attracted to whingers, they want friends who make the feel good. So be mindful of your status' and don't forget your sense of humor. The very attitude that cause you to feel attracted to another person is the very thing that can you can use to ignite the same sexual desire in another person toward you.

Good luck! We hope you will share your positive experiences with us.