whitedaddy4u181WhiteDaddy4U हाल ही में ऑनलाइन

College Park, Georgia से पुरुष (64), जो तलाश में है इसकी: लड़की.

लोगों से जुड़ने के लिए मुझे Icebreaker की जरूरत नहीं होती।

Icebreaker की मदद से अपनी पसंद के मेम्बरों से संपर्क करने में आसानी होती है।

चैट शुरू करें
गिफ्ट भेजें
looking for a pillow princess to devour regularly
कमेन्ट पोस्ट हो गई।
Wish I had somebody to sit on my face tonight!!!!
कमेन्ट पोस्ट हो गई।
One of these days maybe I'll find a sweet pillow princess
कमेन्ट पोस्ट हो गई।
Just want something tastee to lick on the regular
कमेन्ट पोस्ट हो गई।
Looking for my ebony pillow princess ...
कमेन्ट पोस्ट हो गई।


Something recently happened that makes me fee like I need to say this. I have absolutely no problem with some one changing their mind about me and quite bluntly it doesn't make me mad if you do. What DOES irritate me is when some one doesn't have the courtesy, good manners, respect, guts to speak up and say so instead of just ghosting and leaving a person hanging. That behavior just seems like you're hedging your bets ..

कमेन्ट पोस्ट हो गई।