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Weiblich (46) aus Sydney, Australia sucht nach Frau, Mann, Paar, trans man, trans woman.

Ich nutze Icebreaker nicht, um Kontakt zu anderen Menschen herzustellen.

Icebreaker hilft dabei, neue Mitglieder zu kontaktieren, an denen ich interessiert bin.

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The only reason so many guys have foot fetishes is because their first girlfriend was a sock. Convince me otherwise
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Sophie Rain

Why am I seeing male profiles post status updates with the text 'Sophie Rain' ?

Fill me in, what's going on here? and before you ask, yes, I am aware of her 'dick-baiting' men with the suggestion a spiderman video exists.. but no it's not on this site and likely not on her official OF site since they don't allow family illegal stuff either.

Is this just a very clever PR campaign to lift her online profile? It seems to me that likely the posts advertising it are mostly scams and engagement bait .... your thoughts?

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To Ponder

Given that tickling yourself does not work the same as someone tickling you, we really got lucky when it comes to masturbation.

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Hell is empty and all the devils are here - Shakespeare
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Fact: Female dragonflies will fake their own death to avoid mating with unwanted males. #feelingthatenergy
  • MrFlexy: 😅 like some chicks 😂
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The dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed
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