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Mand (41) fra Newark, New Jersey leder efter kvinde, par.

Jeg bruger ikke Icebreaker for at forbinde med mennesker.

Icebreaker hjælper med at kontakte nye medlemmer, som jeg er interesseret i.

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Lol they delete anyone that's trying to meet lol
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Happy monday?
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Happy turkey day
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Well that's another birthday down. 38 with no party or plans lol
  • lilLuv13: My birthday I did the same… my kids weren’t even around to force me into any bday nothin….rationale was to let me rest as a bday gift from fam members… I’d rather the opposite…  
  • lilLuv13: I don’t know if it’s just me but these posts aren’t dated so when is your birthday exactly
  • mikedlink: My birthday is in July
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New York renaissance faire

Anyone else gonna be there today?

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Well looks like they are screwing around with the search settings again.
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