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I like this bigdrink69 guy

Big Tiddy! This is my fantasy about how it would really be if we actually met up!

I can envision a knock at the door and when I opened it up I can only see your silhouette because of the lighting from the hallway but I can tell that you were wearing a long trench coat and as you slowly made your way in you began to untie the coat I was about to speak but you placed your finger on my lips and said hush! and as you opened the coat exposing your totally naked and radiant body you made your way over to the couch as you dropped the coat I fell to my knees and gently pressed you back as your body leaned back on the couch I use the tip of my tongue to gently lick your clit until it starts protruding out of it's hiding spot throbbing for more of the strokes of my wet tongue to stimulate it. I can feel your hands wrap around my head pulling deeper inside of your warm moist pussy pressing my mouth deeper into your wet canal. I can feel the warm juices from your pussy running down my chin and I press my mouth deeper in order not to waste a drop and then I begin to feel your legs trembling around my head as of you were letting me know how pleased your body was from the gentle strokes of my tongue! then all of a sudden you jump up and I begin to feel your hot juices squirt all over my face. you threw me back on the floor and sat on my face grinding your pussy on my mouth and as I began to rub your breast you quickly grabbed my hands and forced them down underneath your knees so that you could concentrate on how my lips were sucking your pussy! your body started shaking uncontrollably and you reached back with your hand and started stroking my already hard and stiff pulsating cock you softly said I want to feel your thick cock inside of me and I want to feel your hot cum shoot into my pussy stretching my little pussy to it's limits and then you jumped off of my face and straddled over my cock and used the head of my cock to rub all around your clit and then you slipped the head inside and I could feel your body tense up from the tight fit of my cock slowly ascending up into your wet moist pussy!!!

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