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Boss seduced me

Mine was arranged marriage. After 13 long years of marriage and disgusting sex with husband we got separated. He never kissed me even and for sex just lift my cloth insert his penis a few thrusts and done. No love no foreplay no satisfaction or affection. We didnt have … we got separated after all.

I am and was a working woman. Boss also came to know of my separation and consoled me. He then asked me to accompany him on an official tour to outstation which we used to do earlier also. He suggested that this distraction will help the office on work and help me to take my mind away from the separation. I and my husband anyway was not much attached so I was not grieving as such but staying together for long years do have some reflections to made.

So the Boss and I travelled outstation and put up in a hotel in of course separate rooms. After 2 days when the job was done, we had to leave the following day. We have returned to out hotel and I decided to take a bath before packing and retiring for the day. So I stripped naked and stood in front of the mirror seeing myself. My 36D breasts still firm, my 32 waist looking nice to be embraced and turning around my 38 ass looking round tight and desirable to cuddle. I smiled to myself and tiptoed to the bathroom. Just then the phone rang and i went to pick it up naked. Boss was on the other side and hearing his voice I suddenly felt shy as if he was able to see my naked body. Automatically I put my other hand over my breasts and crossed my legs to cover my shaved vagina. Ridiculous I admit, but that was the instant reaction. From the other end Boss asked me to come over to his room and have some tea with him and discuss the just completed job before he can submit the report to the office. I was not much inclined as it was getting late and also feeling tired, so I tried to make excuses but he asked me to come over anyway and fast. So I didn't have much choice. Mumbling some ill words for him I went the to get dressed to go to his room which was in the same floor after a few rooms.

Now the dilemma was what to wear. I was naked totally ready for bath and now I had to dress up again. Felt very irritated but again when my eyes fell on the mirror I fell in love with myself and perhaps in the back of my mind thinking that some strong guy should have good sex with me otherwise my appeal getting … However at no time I was thinking that Boss should now fuck me. Grumbling I started to went through my clothes to wear something. Then it occurred to me that I should wear something that must indicate that i am annoyed and under pressure has come to discuss with him and not on my free will. A way to show my protest for disturbing me at night. With this in mind I started to go through my suitcase and decided on a night suit pajama with flared legs and loose t shirt to wear giving indication that I was ready for the bed but has to come because of his orders. Smiling to myself I started wearing them and then deliberately perhaps with a devilish mind I didnt wear any bra or panty beneath the T shirt and Pajama. Dressing up I again stood before the mirror and liked what I saw. I then made my hair disheveled and looked really ready for bed albeit with very strong sex appeal. Ready for bed i meant for sleeping and having sex on his bed though. The T shirt was short ending just below the waist and showing the contours of my round pantyless bum to who so ever care to watch which I knew many would. And the loose T shirt was softly clinging to my breasts indicating that i didnt have a bra under it. I smiled to my self and went out of my room locked it and walking down the corridor knocked on the door of Boss.

He opened the door and seeing me like this his mouth also opened a bit. He quickly composed himself and opening the door wide asked me in. I went inside and waited for him to close the door and come in. I saw that there were glassed and … on the table by the sofa and clearly he was drinking. He asked me to sit down on the sofa and sat beside me. Observing his curious looks I stated that I was in fact going to sleep and therefore came down in my night dress and I am very tired and he should finish his discussion quickly so that I can go and sleep,

He then expressed his apologies and said that he wanted me to unwind actually as he felt that the job is done well and we should enjoy one or two drinks together before calling it a day. Even though I was not in a mood to drink but since he kept insisting I agreed to have a small one. He anyway poured a lorge one and we started drinking and talking. Then he broach the subject of my separation and said that since he has also just been divorced, he understands how it feels and has so much empathy for me. Gradually we started talking about our spouses and how our lives have not been very happy and satisfying and while doing so he slipped me another large one after i had downed the first.

These talks, dim light, drink, my clothes rubbing against my private parts because i didn wear undergarments, all these was making me a bit aroused I must say. Boss was very clever. He fathomed it and gradually sliding on the couch came to sit beside me with our body touching. Thereafter, he touched me by putting my hair back from the forehead and in the process touched my cheek too. I was on my third peg. He then stated that he always liked me and would have married me if we were not already married. I laughed nervously and he put his hand over my back and held my shoulder. I asked him to remove his hand and told him that i should be going to bed now. He in a husky voice said yes and the bed is right in front of us. I stared at him and then he kissed me. soft peck on the cheek and then on the upper lip. My first kiss. I was as if in a trance. Then he pulled me closer and properly kissed my lips sucking them and trying to put his tongue inside my mouth. I tried to free myself and didnt open my mouth but he was holding me strongly and continued to suck and kiss my lips. My breasts were now pressing against his chest and he softly placed his other hand on one of my breasts over the T shirt. I tried to resist but it was feeble. He somehow managed to get my mouth open and his tongue was inside mine. He was now pressing and fondling my breasts and his tongue was exploring my inside of mouth. I tried to resist again but he was strong enough and after all these as I said I was also feeling aroused.

Then I also let go my inhibition and started sucking his tongue which felt delicious and arousing as my husband never kissed me. Boss took the cue and his hand was immediately under my shirt grabbing my boob. He was squeezing it hard and i felt wet between my legs. He then disengaged himself, stood up and in one pull took off my T shirt making my breasts bare. I instinctively covered them with my hands and he then bowed down took me up in his arms and carried to the bed. He just threw me on the bed and came over me and removing my hands started sucking my nipples one by one. I was feebly saying no no but to deaf ears. And to be honest I was fully aroused for sex by then as these actions and foreplays I never experienced before. He kept sucking and squeezing and I kept moaning. He then suddenly without any warning or indication stood up and in a one quick hefty pull took away my pajama. I startled tried to cover my pussy with my hand but he was already there sucking my cunt. It was then too much for me and i shirked in pleasure. He kept sucking my pussy and tonguing my clit and his hands were mauling my breasts. I got hold of his hairs and pulled his head as closer as possible to my vagina.

After playing with me for some time he got up and started undressing. He has nice figure and his penis which was fully erect was much thick and long than my husbands. He looked at me and we were looking at each other as if consenting for sex and then he said honey I am going to fuck you.

Saying so he again came over me, parted my thighs and after fingering my cunt for sometime put the head of his penis on my vagina. He did not enter immediately but kept rubbing it over and around my pussy to tease me as if. I was at the peak of my heat then. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in. His shaft entered me fully and I gave out a huge sigh. Oh my getting aroused and being fucked with passion for the first time. Just awesome. He started to fuck me with slow and long thrusts' first gradually increasing his speed. After some time I felt he is getting stiffened and about to shoot, I tried to take him out but it was too late by then and he came profusely inside me. I have also reached orgasm and we both kept lying like that for some time.

I thereafter pushed him aside got up cleaned myself with his shirt, wore my clothes and started to go out. He came after me , naked and hugged and kissed me again and promised that he will love to fuck me now on. I didnt say anything to him then and went out for my room. While in my bed I kept thinking about the sex we just had and it felt so nice and satisfying. I went to sleep thereafter. But this was only the beginning.

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