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Gynecologist appointment fastasy

I hade my annual gynecologist appointment, but this time i had a new sexy male doctor. The doctor told me to take off all my colthers, he wanted to check my whole body. I thought it was strange, but I took my colthers off, i was completely naked and i laid on the examination chair.

The doctor will use a speculum to look at my vagina and cervix. The doctor placed two lubricated fingers (without gloves) into my vagina and up to the cervix. He asked if i am planing to have a baby. I said yes, i just checking that my eggs and uterus is working. He checked and its all working perfectly.

All the suddenly, i feel that his cock is hard in his pants. He moves closer to me, while i am laying down and my legs are tied to the chair. He takes out his hard cock, my vagina is very wet and he pushs his wet cock inside me. He proceeds to fuck me and i let me, it feels so good. He contiues to trust his long big dick into my vagina, and put his hand behind my back and looks at me. He says to me, I am cuming inside of you, its going to be a big lot load of cum inside you. He finally cums inside of me and stays inside of me untill every drop of sperm is deep inside my pussy.

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