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Feed Options & Photo Delete

Hi there,

In the feed you have now the option to switch between the latest activities of your friends and your matches.


We also added the ability to delete your photos directly in photo view mode:



  • Support: @yesrightthere: To make your pics visible ONLY TO YOUR FRIENDS click on the pic, click the "Friend only"-checkbox, then click "Save".
  • Support: @tjjoy: For MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS please contact support by clicking "Contact" at the bottom of any page.
  • Support: @averagegurl, @AsianGuy6969: Thanks for the feedback, we've taken note and will try to implement a solution to both your requests.
  • latrobehottie19: does anyone know how to delete people off friends list?
  • Support: @latrobehottie19: go to your friends profile, use the dropdown menu (the little arrow) -> Remove Friend
  • Support: @luciousbootee: Did you try it with another image, might it be a corrupt file? Please contact support ("Contact" in every page's footer) with specific technical problems! Sincerely
  • fr33kl3w: how can I change my profile photo ?
  • injinbob: how can i delete my profile pic?
  • Support: @fr33kl3w, @injinbob: go to your profile, hover over your profile photo and klick the edit icon.
  • Support: @creamie: klick the gear icon on the top right of the page and choose logout
  • Support: @simhot1: thanks for the feedback, we'll look into this...
  • uradixn: maybe you should have a button that filters out fakers that are just trying to sell webcam sites? that would be a handy button on this site. or is that something you support around here?
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