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Spunk: Myths, Reality and the Fun.

“Cum on baby, I know you’re hungry, let me feed you some protein”. Are men full of shit when they say that semen is good for you? Not entirely. In fact, semen does have minimal amounts of vitamin C, fructose, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12, zinc, nitrogen, and calcium. However, the actual amount of protein in one load is somewhere between the amount that is in three bugs to as much protein is in an egg white, so it’s not substantial enough to impact one’s decision to spit or swallow. You’d have to ingest more than 100 ejaculates to see any nutritional benefit from it.

Semen is what gets produced by the penis during ejaculation. Sperm, on the other hand, is found in semen and fertilizes a woman’s egg during sex, causing … Sperm don’t really swim straight, and in fact rather than an easy mission to a woman’s egg, the route has been described more like “a challenging military obstacle course.” So difficult, that even though there are around 20 million to 100 million sperm in each ejaculate, it is rare that anybody makes it to the finish line.

It appears that sperm has some healthy benefits though, with antidepressant qualities. Semen contains melatonin, and serotonin, which both have mood enhancing properties. Indeed, it was found that those that women having sex with men who did not use condoms (and were regularly having ejaculate released inside them), rated lower on a depression scale than those who were currently using condoms. This could be due to the mood enhancing properties of semen, or perhaps the fact that they weren’t using condoms was a sign of relationship stability, that may have led to less depressive symptoms.

While research shows that men never stop making semen, older men do have a heightened risk of genetic abnormalities when procreating; and if you hang out in hot tubs for long enough, it can lower your sperm count for up to six months, a condition called “scrotal hyperthermia.” It is also not great for sperm when a sperm owner puts their computer on their lap for long periods of time and/or wears super tight panties. Also, an avoidance of anabolic steroids and using protective gear when playing sports is suggested to keep them spermies protected.

Funnily enough, it seems that the more cum the better; in fact, 35% of women engaging with

men have more intense orgasms when the man releases a visibly large load! I wonder if this is due to a Darwinian desire, or if we associate a large load with intense arousal, so that makes it more sexy.

Semen allergies are rare but they happen, and they’re really an allergic reaction to the proteins found in semen. Symptoms of a semen allergy include burning, itching, and redness that occur within half an hour of contact with semen. Interestingly, it is possible for a person to be allergic to their own semen, a condition called post-orgasmic illness syndrome. For women, symptoms are usually present on the vulva or inside the vaginal canal however for men, symptoms often occur on the shaft or the skin on top of the genitals.The only way to deal with it is not to come into contact with semen, so condoms need to be used religiously (even during masturbation if you have post-orgasmic illness syndrome) and facials avoided. This syndrome also makes conceiving difficult, and some doctors even suggest in-vitro fertilization to avoid the symptoms of semen to skin contact.

It’s commonly said that eating tons of pineapples makes your cum taste delicious, but is it true? It may help a little but what is far more important is having a generally healthy diet and lifestyle. Your cum WILL taste better if you don’t drink a lot, don’t smoke a lot, don’t eat too much sugar, and have an overall balanced diet.

However you are treating or spreading your semen one thing remains true, it's essential to life and that surely demands some respect.

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