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Insanely Sexy Christmas Gifts

Not even the new Playstation can compete with the gift of endless orgasms from a machine that never tires. A sexy gift would be great for a partner, but think outside the box; perhaps … bud or your sex positive aunt could use something spicy in their life. Having reviewed many sex toys myself, I constructed this list of fun holiday sexy gifts.

For the Buzzin’ Stud

The Tenuto (by


The Tenuto is a wearable vibrator for penis. This toy was THE BEST discovery for my partner and me this year! First off, there are very few options for sex toys to pleasure penises that don’t involve a really sticky situation. The Tenuto fits around the shaft of the penis and stimulates the shaft, balls and perineum. It can be used for masturbation, but also feels incredible for partnered sex. When I sit on my partner cowgirl style, it vibrates my clit, and increases pleasure for both of us, helping me to orgasm during penetration, which is rare for me!

Best Features

- Waterproof

- remotely control via smart app

- usb charging for 2 hours playtime

- flexible, body adaptable shape


For the Exhibitionist

Vesper Massager Necklace (by


Vesper is a stylish necklace that also happens to be a powerful slim vibrator. This can be very useful for increasing excitement during boring family dinners, or adding some stimulation to generic movie theatre experiences. The Vesper has a very quiet motor, and is discrete enough that it could totally be worn in front of the whole family.

Best Features

- Looks beautiful in 24K gold, rose gold or silver

- usb charging for 40mins playtime

- 4 speeds and 2 modes (pulsing and constant)

- can be worn discretely in public


For the Virgin Vibrator User

Crescendo (by


This fun bendy vibrator is actually THE COOLEST. It can be used by those of any gender, and it bends to conform to the user’s body. This makes so much sense because each person is biologically different, and we all experience pleasure differently. Some women have deeper vaginal openings than other, have clits in different locations, and may prefer a different type of stimulation. Shape Crescendo to fit your body. Reach, excite and discover erogenous zones you never knew existed.

Best Features

- Use the pre-set vibration patterns or create your own!

- 6 powerful motors

- wireless charging for 2hours playtime

- flexible shape makes it many toys in one


Turn Foreplay into Moreplay

Fin Finger Vibrator (by


MOST WOMEN CAN’T CUM WITHOUT CLITORAL STIMULATION! (Tip: Read this last sentence again) Dame has created a vibrator for your finger that can be used using penetration to increase pleasure for the clitoris. However, it can also be used alone, during foreplay, or used once your partner cums, so that you aren’t left humping your pillow.

Best Features

- 3 speed motor

- Easy to use

- magnetic usb rechargable

- medical grade silicone


For Flirty People Party People

Go F*** Yourself Card Game (by


Too shy to ask what he's packing? Let the cards do the talking. Go F*** Yourself is a fun, enticing, very real card game for those that enjoy talking about sex. The game involves asking players what they are packing, for example, “do you have a wet pussy? What about a waxed ass?” If you don’t have the cards too bad, you are going to have to “go fuck yourself!” This game normalizes real bodies and gets members comfortable talking about out sex. This game is set to be released soon, but you can be one of the first to play by pre-ordering via their website.


For the Unquenchable

Sqweel 2 (by


This oral sex stimulator is a 10-tongued wheel of pleasure. However, unlike in real life, these tongues never get tired or thirsty and completely focus on your pleasure never demanding anything in return. Lay back, relax, and fantasize about the ten tongues that you want to be licking you.

Best Features

- 10 tongue wheel

- 3 speeds

- flicker function for intense stimulation

- compact, travel friendly case


For the Hans Solo

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo (by


The Hot Octopuss is a hands free male vibrator! The toy stimulates the penis with six options for vibration patterns, so each person can find the right pattern that fits. It can also work with a soft or hard cock and is ideal for partners that are older and may have some issues with staying hard or have mobility or grip issues. This outstanding toy is sure to send your peen to paradise!

Best Features

- 6 patterns, with 8 different intensities

- turbo function designed to help you blow your load in a snap

- wrist moulded remote control for hands free fun

- waterproof


For Women Who Want The Best

Ora 3 (by


The Lelo Ora 3 uses the most breaking technology to mimic the feel of your pussy being licked by a skilled partner and allows you to melt into a moment of genuine bliss.. It is kind of like the fancier version of Squeel 2, except there is one super skilled tongue, instead of 10 fairly skilled tongues. There is a pressure nub that rotates and vibrates, like a tongue but better, leading to quick and intense clitoral orgasms. While this toy is at the higher price point, its an investment well worth it if you can afford the price tag.

Best Features

- ultra smooth rotating node that stimulates oral pleasure

- wide range of vibration intensities

- USB charginig

- whisper quiet (but you wont be)


For Cumming Together

Tiani-3 (by


Luxury sex toy brand Lelo never fail to deliver the best in hi-tech intimacy and the Tiani 3 is no exception. A fantastic sex toy to intensify pleasure for women while being penetrated by a partner. One arm vibrates inside the vagina, while the other gently massages the clitoris. Combine that with a cock inside you, and you have an insanely intense climactic pleasure.

Best Features

- designed for couples

- bends to suit all body shapes

- wireless remote controller

- 8 pleasure settings


Did we miss something? Let us know what your favourite 'go to' toy is.

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