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Sexpert Niki!

This week we are pleased to welcome to our team relationship educator and sexpert, Niki.

Niki has a Masters in Psychology during which time she focused on the subject of positive sexuality. She has lectured at NYU, The United Nations and many other venues on the subjects of sexual communication, sexual assault intervention and support, and human sexuality. Most recently she was guest speaker at National Sex Conference 2019 (U.S) at which she talked on consent

She brings to our website a wealth of wisdom that she will be sharing with our community fortnightly on our Support profile. Niki will not only be our very own sex educator, but help each of you experience more fulfilling relationships and sex through teaching you how to be a better lover.

Can’t wait? Be sure to follow our Support profile to read Niki’s first blog this week ‘Is Penis Size Important?’

  • roostermike2: Welcome, Niki, hope you enjoy us
  • SUPER127: Where is this support profile that you speak of? Asking for a friend...😉😁
  • Unquenchable: Super127, search for the username 'Support' in the search feature, or find Support blogs on the right hand side menu of the friends/popular feed page.
  • metissara: Nice, a very welcome update and involvement from you guys. It seemed to have been a while. Hope u keep it up 👍🏽😁 cheers!
  • hungry4pussy2eat: welcome Kiki
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