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female (33) from Irving, Texas looking for male.

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The forbidden temptation

Every fiber in my conscience says that I shouldn’t!  Every fiber in my body so sensitive says that I already have in my mind!  He continues to tempt me, exposing my not as strong defenses; I wrestle with those temptations. My conscience mind is wet with desire, warm with helplessness and sticky with lust!  I don’t know how much longer my conscience and body can fend off Mr. Temptation!

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Have You Ever…?

I was really skeptical about an adult social media site for obvious reasons.  I wanted to feel something special. I wanted to feel free. I wanted a judgment free zone.  I wanted to be what I couldn’t be in my real life; sexually uninhibited and safely risky!  He has made all of those desires possible. He has encouraged me to stop stifling what my body sexually, naturally feels. I never thought that would be possible.  I feel him inside of my spirit. I feel him inside of me!   I wait for his messages or his responses and there is an unexplainable tingle that comes along with each.  He controls my sensation from his location and I crave it!  Have you ever felt such an internal desire?  I hope everyone gets to experience it at least once!  Thank you My Mr Secret!  ❤️

  • whitecherry: Thank you 
  • Cookiemonster2_0: Oh we was great 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🧐🤔
  • pussy191: 💋🌷 stunning and beautiful words for a stunning a beautiful lady very sexy🌷💋
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Just peachy!
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