couple (109) from California Hot Springs, California looking for female, male, couple.

I don't use Icebreaker to connect with people.

Icebreaker helps to contact new members which I'm interested in.

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Sex and Money

Please be aware that it is strictly against our Terms and Conditions to offer sex services for money. It is also prohibited to offer to pay someone (even consensually) for sex services.

If you are found to be offering … services or promoting the sale of items you will be removed from our website without warning.

If you wish to report a profile breaching these terms please do so via support profile or using the small flag located on their profile.

  • fuckthis68: i carnt put profile picture up wont let me and ive frggin paded what is the problem
  • Support: You are in the right place Dhanbahadurdhami82!
  • Nkemdinmj85: Am happpy am real But how can I find that lady who is btw the ages if 35 - 50 yrs. That's why M here .for fuckmate nothing attached.hope ahes finds me
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What improvement would YOU like to see?

One of our Moderators has approached us with some ideas for improving site functions and features. We love that many of you have taken the time to be a part of this initiative.

So, we will consider these (and other) requests. Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions (creative and polite feedback please). All suggestions will be discussed within our team and we hope to implement some of your requests over the next few months.

Here are the great suggestions so far:

- list the members age along side their name

- Tagging members

- to be able to put pics in comments

- be able to see if a message was read

- bring back the search bar in the top of page

- ability to hide what you see on your newsfeed

- A way to recognise from the thumbnail what a member is searching for M, F, C (so they avoid clicking on a female looking for a female if they are male).

- to be able to like someone's comment

- Make photos unsaveable

- notification if someone blocks you

- ability to delete multiple inbox messages

  • Justforfuntimes69: The ability to see how long since someone has been online.....tons of profiles locally but only 1 or 2 actually active
  • 2hard47: Put a way to see if a person has been active or not and how long since active. You have some profiles that have not been active since 5 yrs ago, yet you displaying them as active
  • Strasburg1: @ 2hard47. Yeah, it's frustrating. I'm sure if they took 5 year profiles off, they wouldn't have a member count? On the bright side, people will be viewing you long after you left the site.
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Apologies for Image Bug

Some members have experienced a small bug with uploading GIFs or missing inbox images recently.

We apologize for these inconveniences, which we are working on fixing as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

  • tman1625347: I would like to have the help of the new ambassador on completing my profile. II really need to ask your opinion. on several items. I've got my internet provider working on it but even with my inbox empty it not getting through. Thanks Tom Spain
  • grandao2030: tm pessoas que neim essiste mais no perfil .e tem pessoas do minha cidade que nao encontro ou nao tem
  • grandao2030: e quando vencer a escricao pode conselar nao e p descontar no meu cartao
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Exciting new Icebreaker feature and updates to our Terms and Conditions

As the name suggests, Icebreaker is designed to ‘break the ice” when meeting other members. Icebreaker is intended to connect members with each other according to their location and preferences, to enable better success in finding that perfect date, partner or fling.

Members which enabled the Icebreaker system on their profile will be giving permission to us to send introductory messages or actions on your behalf, to members and initiate conversation for you. Later on you will be able to customize your Icebreaker message, however if you choose not to do so we reserve the right to send standard messages.

By accepting our updated Terms and Conditions you are choosing to opt into the Icebreaker system’ giving us the right to perform Icebreaker actions on your behalf, which means we may send Icebreaker messages, view profiles, send friend requests, send gifts, comment on content and mark content as “hot”. We do not send Icebreaker messages or carry out Icebreaker actions on behalf of Users who terminated their membership, cancelled their account, or who have not been logged-in into their profile for the last four full calendar months.

All Icebreaker actions are marked with the speech bubble symbol.


Icebreaker actions will be sent to other members who match one or more of your preferences. If a member has a large number of matches, these messages or actions may be limited to a lower number. In contrast, if there is few or not enough matching profiles, we have the right to not send Icebreaker messages or carry out actions on your behalf. Icebreakers are carried out solely at our discretion and not by request, or in preference to other Users.

Please understand that although Icebreaker messages and actions aim to connect members the recipient of these may choose freely whether to respond or not. Members may not respond to you for various reasons, including without limitation, the User is not interested in responding, may not be actively monitoring his or her profile or may no longer be available.

Icebreaker gives members the advantage of having a personalised introduction to other active members, taking the pressure off sending that first message, and assisting you with getting better acquainted with each other. This will result in you becoming more engaged with the website, and ultimately having a more rewarding experience online.

You can learn more about the Icebreaker here:

  • lovetolickpussy718: the ice breaker option is useless we dont want fuckbook to contact people for us we want to do ourselves alot of the member on the matches havent been on for a while.. come on fuckbook give use the power over the site and let us contact eachother we are grown adults and most of the guy who have paid account and are verified should get a perk and also we want the picture option back and the online option back thank you guys
  • Horny_01: Before anyone gets offended or I get sent a nasty email from … for my post.... it was meant as a joke.
  • Big2A: How to use ice breaker msgs.. Am unable to do so...
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