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Anyone know what the best nipple stimulation toys are? Need something for work ...
Someone explore my tits and holes with an ice cube right now

Just cum in, i'm open

I walked the room and closed the door, leaving it on the latch. I flicked the main light off and lit the two side lights either side of the bed. I undressed, sliding my panties to the floor and stepping out of them, leaving them where they fell. Reaching behind me I unhooked my satin bra and slipped it across my aching tits. It fell to the floor with the rest of my clothes.

From my handbag I retrieved a sleep mask and laid on the bed. My exposed nipples reacted to the cold bedsheets and hardened immediately. Sliding my hand down my naked body to my shaved cunt I slowly rubbed my stiffening clit. A warm comforting feeling started to spread across my thighs. My cunt moistened. I pulled the sleep mask down over my eyes and inserted a finger into my hole. I was already wet. I traced my cunt juice over my mouth and tasted myself.


I was alone in the hotel room with the door on the latch. I had put a message online telling horny strangers where I would be, and if they wanted to use me, to just walk in.

I heard the door open. I arched my back, needing to be touched. There was no touch. Instead, I heard the click of a phone camera. My exposed slutty body was being photographed. I could hear his breath as he walked round the bed, clicking his camera. I could then feel his breath as he leaned on the bed and ever so gently stroked my cunt lips. He them parted them and I heard the camera click. My spread cunt and throbbing clit are now his souvenier.

I held my pussy hole open and he breathed my sex aroma deeply. And then his tongue, gently at first but then wide long licks as two long expert fingers were inserted. I came quickly on his tongue as he massaged my clit and opened me up.

He then laid next to me, his fingers still deep inside me, and blew on my stiff nipples. Again I arched my back needing to feel his mouth sucking them deep. His tongue found them and sucked my tit so hard I was sure he’d leave marks. Such heaven.

He unzipped his jeans and was immediately rubbing the stiffest cock against my cummy cunt. Then he was in me. Full length in one thrust, I could feel his heavy balls. I lifted my legs wider as he fucked me long, hard and deep, whilst groping my swaying tits and twisting my huge nipples. He rode me like a pro as I bucked beneath him until I felt his body stiffen and warm jets of thick cum were being released inside me.


He pulled out of my sopping cunt and pumped the last spurt of cum on my tit, rubbing it in my nipple with his cock. He leant over and bit my other nipple hard, making me wince with the sharp pain.

He got up and I heard him zip up his jeans. Click, click, click. My used slutty body was again photographed. My exposed cum-soaked cunt and red raw nipples now belonged to him.

I heard the door shut.