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male (62) from Tedburn Saint Mary, United Kingdom looking for female.

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Sun shining through the window

Sitting naked on the floor

Only thing missing

A woman naked

Each wanting

To explore.

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Pussy juice nightcape

I would love to indulge in a pussy juice night ca. To lick and swallow, teasing multiple orgasms until early when a breakfast fuck could start the day


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Squirterre qquired

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an invitation

Two beautiful women and an invitation to eat, play a board game and consume wine. Thought nothing of it, naive idiot. We ate, washed up, and played, Triv. the triv with forfeits, when word games, until we got to if you were making love what might happen next? Two, surely only one might, bit scared actually.

Blindfolds. accepted. I carressed undoing alternate buttons, two topless women. from the kitchen, olive oil, applied breasts glistened. Skirts were discarded, and panties, more oil. They looked stunning, oiled, one olive skinned naturally, neat bush, naked. the other firmer breasts, hold ups, shaved. taking turns i kissed each, teasing each to an orgasm. they took turns riding, guiding it inside, lost in passion they kissed, an unexpected turn 0n. hours of games

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Hard and no home

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Spank me i have been sooo naughty!

I did , then fucked her in senseless in the kitchen doorway.

I ve cut all my underweaar up!

I fucked her again.

Each descendent statement naughtier

Each followed by a,fuck.

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