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Photo Quality Improvement

Hi Everybody,

We want to inform that all photos smaller than 300x300 pixels will be deleted in the next days and that it is no longer possible to upload pictures if they are smaller than 300x300 pixels.

That's about this size:


What are the reasons for taking this action?

- First, we want to improve overall quality of the photos on the website

- Second, we'll introduce a cool new feature that needs higher quality pictures

- Third, let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy larger pictures in better quality 

The Fuckbook Team thanks you for your understanding and is looking forward to enjoy an enhanced user experience.


  • bashfulmatt: @ Iwannagirl, i know right. With the amount of scammers on this site and the lack of action taken about it by the ppl running this site i wouldnt be surprised if they want them on their "archive" so they can use them on other sites as fake profiles. Ive seen ppl here usin pictures of ppl from movies on their profile or adverts ive seen elsewhere on the net. Ill just stick with my little white man in blue thnx Anyone who wants to see what i look like can ask for a pic but i aint puttin one for the whole world to see. It may be Fuckbook but it doesnt mean some ppl are not too shy to put one up. WHen i came here i didnt think oh "fuck"book maybe i can go there to chat and share pictures? lmao dont think so. Here to meet with someone in person for a good fuck
  • lisay: yes i need a good fucl tonight
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