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Fuckbook Store Launched

Hi everybody,

Today we proudly launched our merchandise store: on

We offer t-shirts and hoodies for women and men but in the following weeks we will expand our product line. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. Just comment this blogpost.


Visit our shop on and tell us your opinion.


Your Fuckbook Team

  • Lust_City_USA: U need a cam option that we dont have to go to another site to get! Please!
  • rockerfella11: Rid the scammers that only want emails do the shirts come in 3xl
  • Support: @rockerfella11: at the moment we only have xxl sry
  • Support: @List_City_USA: we are currently working on a cam feature, so stay tuned!
  • Support: @goingdownonu: Thanks a lot, we appreciate your effort
  • Support: @goindownonu: this is in our pipeline, unfortunately there are so many things we are currently working on, that this is not a priority. But we have it in our tasklist.
  • ilovesex11:
  • ashok10: some of the people r premium i can not talk wid them.because ur premium fee is high.n this t-shirts r lovely.i like it......
  • bashfulmatt: Yeh right. You think im gonna buy that stuff when you cant even run this site properly after ppl pay you to use it? Still loads of models here sending messages asking to go to there cam site. Why is there still so many fakes here and all of "my matches" on the chat box is a cam model? Fix that and someone might consider buying tshirts etc from you guys. Until then you shouldnt even bother cause only an idiot would buy stuff from you after getting such a horrible service from your site.
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