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Finally Mobile

Hi every​body,

we have great news! A lot of you compl​ained that we don't have a mobile version of our website. This nuisance has come to an end, because today we are launching a mobile version of our website, which will make it a lot more convenient to browse and interact on Fuckbook :D


Simplicity and Version Switch

On the mobile version we focused on the main features of our website, so that the user doesn't get distr​acted. If you want all the funct​ionalities back and use the old version on your mobile device you can easily scroll down on any page and click on the "classic" …


Mobile Photo Upload

Unfortunately the iPhone and iPad don't allow the user to upload photos. With the upcoming version 6 of iOS this will change, so please upgrade to that version when it's available (this summer) to be able to upload photos.

End of IE7 Support

We don't support Internet Explorer 7 anymore. If you still use IE7 we suggest to install a modern web browser (for a list see: http:​//www.what​browser.or​g/en/browser/)

We appreciate your feedback!

With Love



The mobile version should work on all mobile devices. (There is no special Android / iPhone App) Just open your favorite browser and go to as you used to.

  • Support: @Horny_01: Thanks for your report! The profile has been marked as spam and will be deleted soon.
  • sexycouple4chicks: why do some real profiles get blocked and disabled? also when you try to apppeal to support they never respond to help you get the issue solved! quite a few people have said this happen to them.
  • Support: @theoriginalone: what do you mean by online search machine?
  • kubaracz: make women pay for this site might stop some porn models and scammers
  • Horny_01: @fuckbook. Please explain why when one of my friends post something, it shows the wrong date. For example one of my friends posted something like 25 min ago, but it has the date of 8-2, am if I am not mistaken today is 8-3, and it was 8-3when they posted 25 min ago. What's the issue??!!!!!
  • Support: @siemanko48 @TheVagician @jtdobbs: would you be interested in becoming a moderator of this site?

    @goingdownonu: we are looking into this bug. Thank you for your report!
  • Support: @supes00: this bug has been fixed.
  • suckmyhotclit: How do I … fuckbook on my Samsung Galaxy s II?
  • vani121: join fuckbook on ebuddy
  • wet_wet2: i think u should create an app also for androids bcuz it would be alot easier
  • whitneycox: ghuudd!!!
  • Diesel_AK_49: I think what would be useful it to be able to select your friends right from the profile from menu. It would make things easier instead of having to view your profile and then select your friends.
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