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New Feed and Share

Hi there,

today we bring you a bunch of new stuff.


The Counters at the top of the page give you a summary of your most recent photos, videos etc as well as a … to a complete list of your content.


The new Share Component offers a very quick way to generate new content. Just click on the type of entity you want to create and fill out the form.

Photo Upload

With the introduction of the new Share Component you can just drag and drop files from a file browser. You can even drag and drop multiple files at once.



The feed has been redesigned and enlarged.

You can now comment your friend's photos and videos directly as they appear on the feed.



  • Support: @poolguyhasfun we have answered your email, please check it.
  • Support: @Sexy_Bi_Gurl Do you still get the invitations eventhough you have blocked these members?
  • eltopo420: Why can't I delete my own photos and comments on them? Do I have to delete my entire account? I already canceled my premium because you guys are missing this really obvious feature.
  • Support: Update: You can now delete comments (by other members) on your posts...
  • Support: @elto​po420: go to your photo overview (dash​board->my photos or on your profile at photos->show all) when hovering over a photo -> a trash icon appears -> click on it to delete the photo.
  • Support: @allstate7, @Witchiepooh1: What browser are you using? NOTE: many mobile devices (especially iPhone) don't support this feature. read FAQ for more information.
  • uradixn: how about a counter so I can see how many of my friends are real and how many are just trying to get me to sign up for some pay webcam service.
  • sneha_sahu: I am unable to delete the photo from my profile even trying many times.
  • Pedram5980: I am unable to delete the photo from my profile even trying all the ways. Please help!
  • Taylorguy2016: I also can not delete any photo I have posted.
  • Taylorguy2016: Everytime i try to press the trash icon hovering over my photo it turns red. The lid moves around and the icon turns back white. It doesnt delete the picture. Where can I update to update to make this feature operate ?
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