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New Photoupload, Rating and Design


You can now upload multiple files at once. It is even possible to drag and drop your photos directly on any photo upload button on the site.

In your photo list view you can manage your photos: Upload, delete (by clicking on the trash icon that appears on hovering) and view/edit in the out-popping window (by clicking the photo).


Important: You can change your profile photo on your profile page by clicking on the edit icon as shown below:



The Rating system has been improved. You can now rate photos, videos and blogposts wherever you see the rating bar.

**New Design. **

We have redesigned the photo- , video- and blogpost-pages. We tried to make the different sites more similar regarding usability and userexperience.


PS. As you surely recognized: We added some new sexual smiles so you can express whats on your mind in a more accurate way .


Have fun

  • baby_pussy: nid a pussy in 9ja...
  • bacard100:
  • renee22: here lookin for friends and to have fun
  • Support: @ToBeDesired: photo comments will be enabled in the next few days.
  • kemekio: i want to have fun with a good guy
  • Phatbarbie22: How do we add photos it keep saying that it empty
  • Phatbarbie22: How do we add photos it keep saying that it empty
  • chucoG: I cant upload photos at all from my droid razr
  • chucoG: Same thing it keeps saying its empty
  • thickntastymama: h0w can i send from my phone
  • Support: At present you can't upload a picture directly from the iPhone, but you can do it with other smartphones, i.e android phones. Uploading photos from iPhone should become available during fall 2012 when the new version of the operating system (iOS 6) is released, so make sure you upgrade to iOS 6 to fully benefit from your mobile experience with Fuckbook. For now if you wish to upload an image from an iPhone or another unsupported phone, you must first transfer it to your PC.
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