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Sticky navigation and Image Upload

Hello there,

today we're launching a slightly new look and feel for Fuckbook.

First thing you'll probably notice is the "sticky" navigation bar, which stays at the top of your browser window at all time.

We've also redesigned lots of graphic art - mostly to create a more pleasant overall impression. Those multicolored icons are gone in favor of more unobtrusive ones, which give the actual content more weight.


If you're uploading photos to include them in a private message or blogpost, check out our new "photo selector". When writing a message, click the small "camera"-icon:


Then upload a new image, or click on an existing one to include it!



  • Support: @maniac55: We are very sorry for the inconveniences. We tested the chat feature well and we had no problems with it. What operating system and browser do you use? How often do you have this problem? Have you tried it on another browser?
  • ARGOS1701: Like all the new features, especially the search by username. I was surprised that wasn't here earlier. Are you looking into being able to upload a vid onto your profile without having to go through tagging etc?
  • Support: @msskeetah83, @AshleykeyrA: If you click on the gear-icon on the top right of the page, the menu with the logout appears.
  • ida1: when i try to upload a new pic i cant becasue the upload command is at the bottom of the pic box and i cant scroll down. the pic box doesnt move.
  • ida1: and i cant see the gear icon anymore
  • Support: @2poundher: What has been removed that you would like to see again? What must be fixed?

    @nutherdude: we will look into this.
  • Support: @slit_licker69L: Did you try the "search" page ( There you can filter by gender, age, location, language and many more criterions!
    I'm putting the friend-status indication on our idea list.
  • snyggqk: add so you can share videos
  • Phuck_me1982: I can't even add photo's to my page. I click on add photo but then can't choose a file to upload, not impressed with this site yet. Still a lot of bugs to work out.
    Also, with the "sticky" bar. For the mobile users like myself, I would like to be able to scroll side to side with the bar. When I'm zoomed in, I can't see the whole bar and have to zoom all the way out to get to the settings or click my home page. Not a huge deal, just a little annoying.
  • Support: @snyggqk: you can embed videos from your favorite video sharing site. Go to video > add video
  • Support: PHOTO UPLOAD FROM MOBILE ISSUE: We are aware of that problem. Most mobile phones (including iPhone) don't support file upload.
  • Support: At present you can't upload a picture directly from the iPhone, but you can do it with other smartphones, i.e android phones. Uploading photos from iPhone should become available during fall 2012 when the new version of the operating system (iOS 6) is released, so make sure you upgrade to iOS 6 to fully benefit from your mobile experience with Fuckbook. For now if you wish to upload an image from an iPhone or another unsupported phone, you must first transfer it to your PC.
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